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Traditional Catholic books

We start with a few books we call Cornerstones—which means to say: foundational for this website.

More specifically, what we mean by Cornerstones are mainly one volume, introductory books to major themes at this site. In other words, they both illustrate and also provide highly-recommended ‘entry points’ into our chief concerns here.

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Key Books for Our Chief Concerns

From the Latin Mass and Mary to modern trajectories like the liberal Globalisation of the world and the Easternising New Age Movement . . .

. . . to the Saints, Justice and the baleful effects of Capitalism run amok.

While not forgetting the Liturgical Year, the Passion of the Western Mind, the fate of Catholic Ireland—nor the fate of Catholic France, where a hundred and fifty years ago the Faith was persecuted, as today it is in Ireland. O Ireland, O France! How very much we owe you both and how very much history repeats itself, here as well as there!

Moving on, we have brilliant examinations of Our New Woke World and the Americanisation of Europe, as well as two Christological classics from G.K. Chesterton and Valentin Tomberg.

Now, we could hardly ignore Roger’s own books in these Cornerstones of the site (although the fourth one here is really Belloc’s, but with an extensive—forty page!—foreword from Roger).

Books from Roger Buck

Foreword for Monarchy by Roger Buck

One thing to bear in mind: most of the books here are traditionally Catholic. Yet not all. There are secular and other Christian books which we have disagreements with, even serious ones. But reading widely is important and even the titles we disagree with have profoundly helped us in one way or another.

We finish this page with eight books we treasure. They may not always be overarching ‘Cornerstones’, introducing core themes of this site, but they certainly reveal things precious to our hearts!

Just Great Books

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