Aisle 11—Europe and America

Much at this site revolves around ruminations on Europe and America. This reflects the fact that I, Roger, am both European and American, having been born in California of British parents and having lived in several European countries now, including Britain, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. Such is my providential destiny, I believe, that leads me to reflect on these two wings of the West—so very different to each other!

Over the years, the following books have helped me go ever deeper into understanding the mysteries here—and I particularly point to Belloc’s genuinely profound book The Contrast (despite the misleading cover which suggests only Britain rather than Europe as whole!).

I close with the row of my own books which all owe much to my lifetime’s ruminations on these things. The final book, of course, is Hilaire Belloc’s, not mine! But both my forty page foreword and Belloc’s text are also a meditation on these themes, exploring how France and the Anglosphere went their separate ways after the world-changing year of 1688.

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