Aisle 16—Modernity

Statue of Liberty bust during its construction in Paris.

Here is a variety of books from secular works sometimes even celebrating modernity . . . to Catholic efforts considering its dark underside.

All, though, have remarkable value and most have deeply impacted Roger in his thinking.

We begin with four formidable books that speak profoundly to the philosophical and secular processes gathering over the last five hundred years, clarifying how the West transited from Christendom to Liberalism (or as Thomas Storck provocatively suggests: Americanism).

Decline and Fall

And here are more that speak deeply and eloquently to the ideological and historical currents that have led to contemporary madness . . .

Modernity and its Malcontents

Now, a further four focussed less on the more philosophical origins of secular modernity—but how things are actually turning out today in nitty-gritty reality. Great books all!

Guides in the Gathering Darkness

Moving on . . . In 1912, Hilaire Belloc called British democracy a sham—arguing a conspiracy controlled parliament and the two major parties were in reality a system of control. People scoffed: ridiculous! Many years later, Carroll Quigley confirmed Belloc’s thesis in his book The Anglo-American Establishment. But Quigley was an apologist for the Anglo-American establishment and could not be further from Belloc’s views! Here are four unsettling books we hope to comment further on at this website as time goes on . . .

Anglosphere Politics—Con and Pro!

Here are four brilliant books that are hardly unrelated to the themes above. They speak to the dulled, diminished thinking behind Our Brave New Woke World. James Kalb’s two books are little known as yet—but nonetheless magnificent!

Herewith a miscellany of still more titles relating to the problem of modernity—from the fascinating Puritan’s Empire by Charles A. Coulombe to the final, towering masterpiece of Evelyn Waugh. As with everything else in this aisle, I (Roger) have been enriched by all!

Finally, we showcase Roger’s efforts again here. All of them have grown from the soil represented by the books above, including his forty page introduction to Belloc’s book on Monarchy.

Books from Roger Buck

Foreword for Monarchy by Roger Buck

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