Aisle 10—History

Charlemagne crowned Emperor by the Pope, Christmas day 800 A.D.

Here we have history, largely if not entirely, from a Catholic perspective. While secular society is suspicious of the biases faith brings to interpreting history—we are suspicious of the biases of secular faith! The problem is only complicated by the fact that secularism rarely even realises it has a faith (and biases aplenty). 

Belloc, Chesterton, Christopher Dawson, Hugh Ross Williamson and more—how grateful we are you brought your own penetrating, original minds to the problem of history, rather than conforming to prevailing fashions rooted in materialism!

Of course, none of you were without fault and (as we say below) secular history is important too. But we remain grateful to the Catholic historians below for taking us to worlds of meaning forever closed to the minds of materialistic academics.

Whilst we noted the limitations of usually unconscious bias above—there are obviously books of enormous value from a secular perspective. Indeed, to get the truest perspective of history, one must read widely by authors of all kinds of persuasion.

Here are some secular historical books that have assisted my work, ranging from Charles Taylor’s masterpiece A Secular Age to Carroll Quigley’s works to even Priests Prelates People published by the prestigious Oxford University Press. Loaded with valuable information, this book can be laughable in its misunderstanding of even elementary Catholicism—the very subject it seeks to cover! Arguably the de Gaulle book is little better. Masses of research, but what capacity to truly interpret it . . . ?

And Professor Quigley of Georgetown—Bill Clinton’s mentor—was a (slightly reluctant) apologist for the Anglo-American Capitalist sphere. Caveat Lector. But all these books have truly helped me in my work at this site and elsewhere—most quite profoundly — RB.

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