Aisle 6—The Latin Mass

At this site, we concur with the words of Joseph Ratzinger, later Pope Benedict XVI, that

The ecclesial crisis in which we find ourselves today depends in great part upon the collapse of the liturgy.

Here are books dealing with this catastrophe, starting with a small selection suitable for beginners who hardly know the old Latin Mass that was so ruthlessly destroyed and is now being actively repressed.

From there, we move onto four great books that more profoundly address the issues around the Mass along with its historical development and current crisis.

Now, four from Peter Kwasniewski, all of which are reviewed at this website. Elegant, lucid, passionate—we commend Kwasniewski’s wakefulfulness in a situation where so many are asleep.

A Kwasniewski Quartet

We proceed to further invaluable efforts, starting with a new book by Joseph Shaw that is only partially on the liturgy, but profoundly impresses us.

Here are four more that are highly relevant for understanding the current issues around the Latin Mass, including Traditiones Custodes. We may not necessarily agree with everything here but find them most useful nonetheless!

Ecclesiastical and Liturgical Crisis

Finally, we finish with a miscellany of more titles that amplify or at least contextualise all of the above.

A Miscellany on the Mass of Ages

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