Aisle 4—Our Lady

Here we have a small selection of books on the Blessed Virgin that speak deeply and truly. Some have been very important indeed to us, including the masterful Marian Apparitions by Donal Foley, the classic Song of Bernadette, The Secret of the Rosary and a most beloved biography of St. Catherine Labouré. But we believe in all these books—as with everything else in this little bookshop!

Great Books Devoted to Our Lady

We finish with some more unusual items. The book on Melanie Calvat, the visionary of La Salette has been immensely important to us—as is the story of Knock, Knock which we are blessed to have relatively nearby in Ireland and by which feel so blessed. Then there is a great but little known study of Lourdes from Hugh Ross Williamson. Lastly is a book by Michael Martin on Sophiology, combining both Eastern Orthodox and Catholic perspectives on Our Blessed Mother.

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