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This site exists to serve Traditional Catholicism. We have no hope for the world without the Church and we have no hope for the Church without the Church returning to her Tradition and refusing the secularising, modernising, subtly Protestantising trends of the last sixty years since Vatican II.

Here are valuable books from traditional Catholics we appreciate. We may not always agree with them on every point, but we celebrate their courage and insight regarding the ecclesiastical tragedy and what must be done about it.

And now we would like to pay tribute to four traditional American Catholics that have touched us deeply. One is a fairly recent discovery: the great Carol Jackson Robinson of the wonderful Integrity magazine whose long lost writings have recently been resurrected by Arouca Press (see Roger’s rave reviews here!).

The Great Carol Jackson Robinson

We move on to the little-known L.Brent Bozell of the late, great 1960s Triumph magazine and pray his life and writings may be re-discovered. (Roger has a long, loving tribute to Bozell as well as review of Mustard Seeds here—as a truly magnificent Catholic traditional thinker.)

Living on Fire: Brent Bozell

Next, we have the formidable Thomas Storck. His works have helped Roger profoundly. The best entry-level to Stork’s work is probably the first book here: Seeing the World with Catholic Eyes. That book’s dialogue format makes it most accessible. Perhaps Storck’s greatest book though is From Christendom to Americanism—highly recommended! Storck only did the (in-depth) foreword to the small Liberalism volume, but the foreword alone is worth the price of the book!

Storck on Christendom, Americanism and More

Moving on, we come to the incomparable Charles A. Coulombe! Charles has also been a friend and inspiration for many years. I, Roger, can still recall discovering Charles online around 1999. I was still very New Agey at the time and I thought ‘Who is this weird Catholic traditionalist? He’s interesting, but I trust he’ll grow out of this stuff’.

A quarter of a century later, I must say humble pie tastes delicious! And I am grateful beyond measure to have followed Charles into the Holy Church, the Tradition and also his lucid thinking in so many ways . . .

The Incomparable Coulombe

And lastly Roger’s own efforts belong here, too.

Books from Roger Buck

Foreword for Monarchy by Roger Buck

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