Aisle 7—Prayer and Devotion

At the heart of our Catholic Faith is prayer. Prayer is like balm for the soul, breath for the spirit. Prayer fuels the fire of our own hearts, bringing us close to God, His Blessed Mother, the Angels and Saints. And closer to each other, as we pray for one another, living Christ’s New Commandment, to “love one another as I have loved you.”

And loving one another is not just loving those we are close to. It involves reaching out to those who need our prayers, the Holy Father, our Priests and countless others suffering in this world. Also, those in purgatory, unable to pray for themselves.

But first, to strengthen ourselves with the greatest prayer of the Church, Holy Mass, we present the Missal, the Liber usalis, to sing the Mass, and the Breviary, to pray the Divine Office. All bring untold graces to our souls. Plus, the Treasury of the Sacred Heart, bulging with time-honoured prayers for each and every situation.

We are all drawn to different devotions, different saints, different approaches. The beloved books here represent the Saints and Sacramentals that have touched us deeply and informed our work at this website. They address (very beautifully!) matters as diverse as the Sacred Heart devotion, Our Lady’s Miraculous Medal and the Holy Rosary to the Divine Infant of Prague and, last but not least, prayer for our deceased—the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is, of course, the greatest of Devotions. But pilgrimage, too, strengthens our faith and prayer.

And now books to deepen ourselves in the mystery of contemplation …

And lastly to make the liturgical year ever more real and living in our lives . . .

The Visions of St. Anne Catherine Emmerich

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