Aisle 12—Catholic Ireland

Here is a selection of books on Ireland that have helped us immensely in understanding Catholic Ireland and her tragic fate in the wake of Globalisation spearheaded by the Anglo-American culture. Roger’s books are also included, as all three consider these same themes. Most of these titles below are by Catholics, but towards the bottom of the page some secular yet insightful approaches have also been included. We kick off with with Mary Kenny’s simply superb book Goodbye to Catholic Ireland—that we cannot recommend highly enough.

Books About Catholic Ireland

We continue with these memoirs and more, which tell of what Catholic Ireland once was—a beacon of Christendom . . .

Here are two rows of wonderful Irish books by Irish authors we love and (on occasion) even know!

Great Irish Books

Herewith some of the better books on 1916, Patrick Pearse and Eamon de Valera (though a truly great book on the much misundertood and maligned Dev has yet to be written!).

1916 and All That

Finally, a miscellany of further books on Ireland, including some more secular approaches. Whilst the latter may be obtuse to the Catholic Mystery, all these books have been truly helpful in one way or another!

A Gaelic Gallimaufry

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