Traditionalist Travelogue (Summer 2010)—Ch. 9: Liberal Catholicism, like a Sieve …

Rosary Basilica, Lourdes in Catholic France by Vassil (Own work) Public domain

Series Introduction 2023:

Here is the start of a strange series of posts that appeared at this website in 2010. These entries chronicle my reflections travelling the length of France in a van with my wife Kim—beginning with Lourdes in the South and moving slowly over eight weeks to Pontmain in the North, close to a thousand miles in all. At the time, we were relocating to Britain, but with the hope of eventually returning to Ireland.

This series remains precious to my heart—as my experiences on this trip in hallowed sites like Lourdes, Pontmain and the Vendée proved seminal for my work ever since. Whether these posts will speak to anyone else, though, is a moot point. They are deeply personal, sometimes to the point of being cryptic.

For that reason, I now offer (below) a short, explanatory foreword to each individual post, just in case anyone does care to enter with me into this intimate world of meaning for me.

Likewise, these links are provided to help navigate through this series.

2023 Introduction to Ch. 9

Kim and I travelling are still headed north, through the devastated vineyard that is Catholic France, during the summer of 2010. We are daily Mass goers, but it is hard indeed to find a daily Mass in rural France.

And witnessing the death of the Church in France, I became even more disturbed by my own past with Liberal Catholicism. It has become clear that the strange ‘Catholicism’ sprung from the so-called ‘Spirit of Vatican II’ cannot contain. There are too many holes . . .

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From 2010—Chapter Nine: Liberal Catholicism, like a Sieve

Notre Dame
Traditional Catholic beauty: Notre Dame in Paris. Photo by Sanchezn used ebbith GNU Fre Documentation License.

Fragments of a soul beholding the death of the Church in France:

In the past, how my liberal Catholic heart failed to FEEL the Tragedy of the Church.

Still further in the past, how my unconscious liberal New Age heart had not the least idea of any of this.

In the past, how I failed to account for evil working … day and night.

This Church I see in France …

It did not just die.

It did not just roll over one day and give up the ghost. The Holy Ghost.

Forces sought to bury it, bury it alive.

Such forces are working still …

That man long ago, in that secret society, who confessed to me the desire to see the end of the Mass.

All the Catholic Churches could become museums then …

But if I speak of evil, of darkness visible, I will be labelled paranoid.

No matter.

How blind I was.

Back then, I did not see that the container for the Church had to be firm, strong.

I did not see that although Our Lord Jesus Christ certainly became manifest in the Novus Ordo, the effect so often was like nectar in a sieve.

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