A Cryptic Traditional Catholic Travelogue 7: Freemasonry and France


Found in a church in Montauban. Photo: K. Buck

Found in a church in Montauban. Photo: K. Buck


Introduction 2013: This is the seventh part of a very personal, but perhaps somewhat cryptic ‘travelogue’ of a journey through the wasteland of Catholic France in the summer of 2010.

Being in that wasteland, I could not help but ponder Freemasonry and that Freemasonic Third Republic which systematically worked to destroy the traditional Catholic faith of France.

Although cryptic, this series of posts is very close to my heart and is best appreciated by starting at the beginning here.

From 2010:

Continued Soul Fragments:

This church in Montauban has served me.

Has served to remind once again of what France once had.

Even still in the Nineteenth Century, after the Revolution, but before the Third Republic.

This France … La Vraie France … fostered all that still breathes in this church in Montauban.

This open church in the city of Montauban.

Thank God, the church is open here and I can pray.

Thank God, this Church in France, though hobbled, shot in the kneecaps, as it were …

Thank God, this French church still offers places where I can drop into stillness and prayer.

Long ago, in another land, I met a Mason of a sort. Who not realising my allegiance, confided in me:

These churches could be turned into museums. But to continue with the Mass in them – God forbid!

Or should I say: Great Architect forbid?

After all these years, I do not recall his exact words, but they were to that effect.

Is something going to be chopped off?

With feeling the GIFT of Silence in this church, I find myself thinking of the words of that strange anonymous Catholic book, written in French, Meditations on the Tarot

There he speaks of the matter of the Presence of the Angels.

He points out that only after the Son of Man had been tempted in the desert and the Devil left Him, did the Angels come to Him.

And the following explanation is offered:The angels were not able to enter until the Devil left. But afterwards they descended:

“Immediately that the Devil left him … the atmosphere changed, they were able to approach him.”

What is this to do with this open church in Montauban in France?

The author maintains there are atmospheres – atmospheres of evil – where Angels cannot tread.

This church in Montauban in France is clearly not one of them.

The anonymous author adds:

“One can add, by way of a corollary, that the “law of presence” delineated above gives us a strong reason for acknowledging the necessity of churches, temples and consecrated or holy places in general.

There are certainly other reasons again, but this would suffice, even if there were no other reasons, for us to defend the protection of all sacred places.

Let us therefore protect through our thoughts, words and deeds, all churches, every chapel and, lastly, every temple, where one prays, worships, meditates and celebrates God and his servants.”

Yes, let us protect in thought, word and deed, as you are doing anonymous author …

Let us protect, as the Good Knight Charles A. Coulombe is protecting …

Holy Mary Mother of God, though we may not all be knighted by the Holy Father, let us be your knights.

Let us protect Your Church.

In Thought.

In Word.

In Deed.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, I will be your knight …


Next Installment: A Cryptic Traditional Catholic Travelogue 8

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