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Traditional Catholic Tiara
Mosaic of Papal Tiara in St. Peters. Photo courtesy of Fr. Lawrence Lew OP

We are profoundly concerned at this site with the Tridentine Catholic epoch (from the Council of Trent to Vatican II)—precisely because we are concerned with modernity and modernity is the era, after the Middle Ages, that the West started to fall ever more into materialism.

In this era, the Catholic Church actively charted a different course from the trajectory of the Protestant and secular currents leading to ever greater materialistic decadence.

In this, it was informed by great Saints such as St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, St. Catherine Labouré, St. Pius X, St. Pio—as well as by the great Apparitions of the Sacred Heart in Paray-le-Monial and Our Lady in places like the Rue du Bac (Paris), La Salette, Lourdes and Knock.

As we, Kim and Roger Buck, tell at this site. our spirituality has been deeply formed in these sacred sites in France and Ireland and we trust the deep insight of the pre-Vatican II Tridentine era must be restored to awareness.

Hence, in this Archive of Tridentine Catholicism we hope to present writings mainly from the past and out-of-copyright which can illumine this often mocked and misunderstood era. There is an initial selection below

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Tridentine Catholicism Timeline

St Margaret Mary and the Origins of the Cult of the Sacred Heart

On St. Claude La Colombiere

The Apparitions of Our Lady of Laus

St. Catherine Labouré and Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

The Story of Mélanie Calvat and Our Lady of La Salette – in 4 Parts (So Far):

The Story of St. Bernadette and Lourdes – in 10 Parts:

The Story of Our Lady of Pontmain- in 10 Parts:

The Story of Pellevoisin and Our Lady of the Sacred Heart – in 5 Parts:

The Great Nineteenth (by Gary Potter)

Dom Prosper Guéranger and the Catholic Counter Revolution (by Gary Potter)

Valentin Tomberg on the Sacred Heart

Devotion to the Sacred Heart in Catholic Ireland

Reading from My First Book—Article Continues Below

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  6. Mjanke Avatar

    Thank you for this witness. Your conversion story is quite impactful.

  7. Danny (Australia) Avatar
    Danny (Australia)

    Dear Roger,
    I am writing from Australia and recently purchased your book, “Cor Jesu Sacratissimum”. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and wanted to send you this message to compliment you. Hopefully this message reaches you ! The faith of the older Irish generation as explained in your book is a great example for us all. I have never been to Ireland, but sounds like you enjoy the rural area you have settled in which is great. Anyway, my best wishes to you and your wife, Kim. I pray that Our Lord repays you for your faith and perseverance. Hopefully if you are not too busy you could please send me a reply email so that I know my message has come through.

    Kind Regards,


    1. roger Avatar

      Dear Danny,

      I am truly sorry that somehow this deeply encouraging letter from you was never seen nor published till now, let alone responded to. I have been negligent to the point of sin with this website, which has been failing/breaking in certain ways for years. I am finally in the middle of a massive revamp/relaunch which will solve the problems but in which comments will be closed, as I can no longer manage replies.

      But in the middle of the (enormous) revamp effort, I, at last, discovered your most kind mail. Thank you for your prayers and compliments and I do hope you get to Ireland someday. Though people despair of its secularising tragedy. I continue to find rural Ireland and the Irish like no other place and no other people I know on earth. I remain more moved than I can say.

      Again thank you so much and please forgive me. I will now e-mail you. God bless you!

  8. Anne Pavase Avatar
    Anne Pavase

    Where can i obtain a copy/poster of, Our Lady conquers the Serpent, pictured on the home page?

    1. roger Avatar

      I am sorry to say I really do not know—and also for how long I’ve taken. With good wishes for you in your search . . .

    2. roger Avatar

      I am sorry to have taken so long—–and only to tell you that alas I do not know. The only thing I can think is making one yourself through a copy service. You would need a good resolution image for that. But if you can’t find such, AI is getting better at increasing resolution online. Eg. sites like this:

      I wish I could be more helpful!