Greetings from Ireland …


O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (Cor Jesu Sacratissimum)


We are a traditionally Catholic husband and wife, living in Ireland, who seek to draw inspiration from the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Here you will find testimony to a love affair. It is a love affair with the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Our Lord and Our Lady. And it is a love affair with the Catholic Tradition – a tradition which must be guarded, cherished and preserved in Ireland and the world.

Increasingly, the West is cut off from the font of its civilisation, the Mystery of Christ.

In the Catholic cradle of Western civilisation, this Mystery once flourished: People knew they were fallen and turned humbly to the Supernatural Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, as He became present in the Holy Sacraments of the Church.

But the Mystery becomes lost, as the Tradition decays. In the past, our beloved Benedict XVI has expressed concern, lest Catholicism become a “clone” of Protestantism.

Yet in many instances, the Catholic Church loses her identity, becoming ever more like a Protestant congregation, failing to revere the Living Mystery at the Heart of Her Sacraments …

And Christianity becomes lost in the world at large. The contemporary society becomes ever more materialistic and devoid of the sense of the Supernatural. Or it turns to New Age mysteries, denying Christ and His Church.

The results are a world ever more materialist, capitalist, so often heartless and lacking social justice. And now this brutal, unsustainable civilisation literally begins to burn, as massive ecological degradation sets in everywhere…

Yet “the light shines in the darkness” and the Heart of the World and the Heart of the Church, the Cor Jesu Sacratissimum continues to offer moral courage, hope, joy, strength, meaning and more, infinitely, inexpressably, unfathomably more

Here are indications of the chief concerns of this site, as well as our hearts. We want to address both our beloved Ireland and the West.

Here it must be said that we are neither theologians, nor especially qualified academically.

Yet it is our prayer that in some small way, our reflections here – as well as a developing collection of devotions, images and other resources – can support and stimulate faith and enquiry amongst a community of fellow wayfarers who join us in concern for the future of the World and the Church.

For it is also our continuous prayer that the Mystery at the heart of Western Civilisation – that of the Sacrifice on Calvary – can be saved. It is our belief that if it can be saved, there is hope for the World …


Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart mosaic in Paray-le-Monial, France


About Us:

We are Kim and Roger Buck and are, as we say, a married Catholic couple. Originally, we came from London and Los Angeles, respectively.

Prior to our conversion, we were once deeply engaged in the New Age movement. After entering the Catholic Church, we studied theology at both British and Irish colleges. We have since lived in France and Spain, but have returned to our beloved Ireland with great joy.

We hope these personal statements from each of us can give you a fuller sense of who we are:


Kim Buck:

“In Easter 2000, I was confirmed into the Catholic Church. The graces, the joy, the depth of meaning I have experienced since then are immeasurable.

As I look upon a world that has become dry, with its emphasis on rationalism, relativism and materialism, I weep.

I weep for the loss of Mystery that the Catholic Tradition holds. I weep for the loss of the Sacramental life which if truly lived, permeates every part of our existence, with the Mystery of Jesus Christ become flesh, through His Immaculate Mother Mary.

The ever pressing reality of our fallen predicament and our incredible need for redemption is brought to life in the daily sacrifice of the Mass and our daily Catholic prayers.

How can these things be communicated to a world with deaf ears? The best I can do is aspire to be a living example of these profound mysteries which permeate my life and the lives of so many.”


Roger Buck:

“I dedicated nearly twenty years of my life to New Age spirituality. For more than two years, I lived at the Findhorn Community in Northern Scotland, which many see as the leading world centre of the New Age movement.

My way into the Church came through the anonymous masterpiece Meditations on the Tarot.  This book  – I should clarify – has nothing to do with divination through Tarot cards! And without it, I might never have been able to free myself from the New Age mindset. Despite its unusual nature, this is a book replete with the Catholic Mystery, as well as a book for which Hans Urs von Balthasar – nominated a Cardinal by Blessed John Paul II – wrote a foreword.

These days, a very profound source of inspiration for my thinking lies with the great Hilaire Belloc. Although he died ten years before I was born, he feels liked a beloved friend and mentor to me.

I join my wife in mourning the decay of the Catholic Tradition. The Sacrifice on Calvary is being buried and forgotten. The loss of the traditional Mass only contributes to this tragedy.

I deeply honour the work of those who have sustained the Mass in the sacred liturgical language of Latin.

And I aspire to join their efforts to sustain a living traditional Catholicism, in faithfulness to the Holy Father and the Magisterium. But at the same time, what I mean by “traditional” is implied in what the last Holy Father Benedict XVI has said: The Tradition cannot be frozen in 1962.

For a living tradition always grows – although vigilance is needed. Because the post-Vatican II Church is being buried under the crushing weight of countless fads and worldly innovations.

Most of the writings at this site are my own. I hope they may be useful to some folk. This being said, I want to definitively stress that although I have studied theology, I am no theologian and do not wish to simulate an expertise I do not possess.

These writings are simply my reflections …”



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