Video—Sacred Heart: Apparitions and Devotion

My latest video explores the Three Great Apparitions of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque. These began in 1673 at Paray-le-Monial in France.

Looking at the saint’s own account of each of these Major Apparitions, while reading from her autobiography, the video reveals the repeated emphasis on the intimate connection between the Sacred Heart and the Holy Eucharist.

For as I stress on the video, the Saint’s account highlights the underlying nature of this Devotion and touches on Jesus’ requests to the Saint for the practice of the weekly Holy Hour, the monthly First Friday and the Annual Feast of the Sacred Heart.

Whilst doing so, I also try to delve into the deeper meaning and purpose of these devotions, considering along the way the historical timing of these Apparitions—the late Seventeenth Century.

This has been seen as a time predicted by St Gertrude the Great, when human hearts were turning cold, due to certain powerful movements over the centuries i.e. Protestantism and Jansenism that were leading masses of the faithful away from belief in the Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist.

Yes, Devotion to the Sacred Heart is the remedy sent from Heaven, to reunite the faithful with the Sacred Heart, discovered within His Holy Eucharist, which, awaiting our love ever beats in the tabernacles around the world. He, the source of all love, truly warms our hearts, making us like unto Him.

And thus spreads love throughout this cold and fallen world, bringing us back to the Godhead . . .

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