Video: Tomberg, Monarchy—and the Machine!

Here is my latest episode. It is voice-only this time and, as the title suggests, concerns Valentin Tomberg, Monarchy and our increasingly inhuman society.

That said, the title leaves something to be desired as this long (two and a half hour!) episode is something of a ‘patchwork’ of many elements, taking in quite a wide number of themes. It was hard to capture everything here in a short title!

Briefly, I will just indicate the episode continues engaging with Michael Martin‘s outstanding work—this time on Transhumanism and the ever more machine-like quality to our civilisation. But it dips into other topics as well, ranging from GAFA (Google-Apple-Facebook-Amazon) to Peter Hitchens and the Abolition of Europe.

It is also a much more autobiographical episode than usual, with a great deal of my personal experience of living in both America and Europe.

A further inkling of its broad scope can be gleaned from a Table of Contents which features at YouTube with timestamps.

But in case you want to watch it from this site—thereby avoiding those awful YouTube advertisements we are compelled to have!—I offer the contents here as well:

0:00 Intro: A Very Personal “Patchwork” of Disparate Elements—hopefully something for “Everyone”.

03:22 Christmas and Contemplative Silence and Attention

13:17 Limited notes on Tomberg, Steiner and Anthroposophy

16:48 Anthroposophy’s Failed Hope to Save the World from Materialism

23:28 Tomberg’s Shocking Change 26:25 Tomberg’s Call to Catholic Politics—flipping Steiner on his head

29:29 Tomberg on the Holy Alliance as a Monarchical Force for Good

35:56 “A Completely Different Galaxy from Anthroposophy”

40:06 The Abolition of Europe . . . and Peter Hitchens

44:36 Margaret Thatcher and the Americanisation of England

50:36 Michael Martin “updating” Peter Hitchens

54:27 Welcome to the Machine

57:39 INSERT: Michael Martin and Mike Sauter on Transhumanism, Hormonal Birth Control and the Machine

1:07:12 Tomberg on Mechanical “Thinking” vs Creative, Contemplative Thought 01:13:45 Computer Gaming

1:15:48 Steiner: “How Can Mankind Find the Christ Again?”

1:21:03 “Letting My Hair Down” — as people said in the 1960s West Coast American culture I come from …

1:24:00 Growing Up in America—and later England

1:26:38 American and European Education

1:29:56 “What Comes First—the Chicken or the Egg?”

1:32:22 GAFAM (Google-Apple-Facebook-Amazon-Microsoft)

1:37:08 “Backwards” Europe

1:40:50 American innovation and business savvy: Edison, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, the Pill etc.

1:44:00 The Abolition of Dublin: Ireland vs France

1:45:47 Tomberg’s Call to Cultural Protectionism

1:50:07 More Personal Experience: European Friends and Family (beginning at Findhorn)

1:59:00 Catholic Ireland’s Christian Protection of the Unborn, Against Pornography etc

2:01:44 NEVER BEFORE IN ENGLISH: Tomberg on St Francis of Assisi and the Holy Roman Emperor

2:13:51 Tomberg’s rejection of “the aggressively secular Republique Francaise of the French Revolution”

2:16:53 Hilaire Belloc turns from the French Revolution to Monarchy

2:24:55 The Regeneration of the Catholic Church and the Miracle of the Sacraments.

I should also acknowledge my gratitude to Michael Martin and Mike Sauter for permission to use the extract from this episode of their Regeneration Podcast!

From Michael Martin: The Glory of Sophiology
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Foreword for Monarchy by Roger Buck

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