Video: Dear Evelyn Waugh . . .

This video is a letter, a letter of love “posted” to a dead man, dear Evelyn Waugh.

It is also a labour of love, a “homemade documentary”—lavishly illustrated about Waugh’s life and times. It is also a video only made after years of preparation.

For I could not say these things, unless I had spent years reading and re-reading Waugh’s books, letters, diaries as well as biographies about Waugh.

And I dare to aspire to do justice to the man that often his biographies, I think, fail to do . . .

There will be more to say of all this. Next year, I imagine—when I think we may actually publish this “letter to a dead man” at the website.

Right now, though, we are departing from this site because it is (the very early hours ) of Christmas and we need retreat over Christmas.

We wish you all though a most blessed Christmastide and New Year.

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