Video: For the Love of Catholic Ireland

Made in Ireland . . . a video with real love for the Real Ireland—as opposed to an Ireland largely manufactured for the agendas of Consumer Capitalism.

This deeper, truer Ireland evolved organically over centuries, as opposed to a society, which like never before, has now been massively shaped and imported from elsewhere—above all by Anglo-American cultural and economic liberalism.

As the video suggests: Patrick Pearse’s Greatest Nightmare. And this deep Ireland cannot be separated from her people’s profound Catholic and Christian traditions and heritage.

Now, last time I spoke of pouring my lifeblood into this video . . .

As I said then, the video comes in a Short Version (48 minutes) and a Long Version (over three hours!). And for reasons alluded to last time, it really is something of a personal milestone for me.

Now, the Long Version is above. The Short Version is below. Having spoken of this video in the last post (again: here) I will not write too much more now.

I will however paste in a Table of Contents for the Long Version. Note—this comes from YouTube where you will find Timestamps that operate!

However, if you do not go to YouTube and watch the video here, you will be spared all those hideous YouTube advertisements!

I know which route I prefer.

(I wish these ads were not imposed on me—but at least the videos can be watched at this site without them!)

Anyway, herewith the Table of Contents for the Long Version above:

2:19 – An English New Ager Discovers Irish Catholicism

10:14 – With Eyes Afresh

18:24 – Indescribably Moved

20:55 – ‘Ordinary’ Irish Beauty

26:55 – An Important Digression Before Moving Forward

32:53 – What Ireland Was

41:51 – Beyond Materialism

53:54 – Sine Qua Non

57:16 – Desmond Fennell and the Irish Media

58:49 – The Real Ireland

1:01:13 – No Denials

1:03:26 – Discovering Catholic Ireland

1:13:56 – More Testimony, Including Desmond Fennell’s

1:22:53 – ‘There is Nowhere Like Ireland’

1:24:00 – Random Acts of Irish Kindness

1:31:43 – The Idealistic Haze of Rose-Tinted Spectacles?

1:36:44 – A New Capitalist Feast Day

1:39:45 – Sociology—and Sacraments!

1:43:01 – Catholic Ireland- A Different Cosmos

1:44:06 – Irish Papist

1:45:57 – Paddywhackery

1:49:59 – Challenging the Myth

1:51:11 – British and Irish Thinking

1:56:55 – National Pride—and French Skunks

2:07:12 – The Effects of the Catholic Mystery

2:09:00- Valentin Tomberg and the Angels of Nations

2:18:44 – The Angel of Ireland

2:22:12 – Patrick Pearse’s Worst Nightmare

2:23:53 – Is Globalism a Euphemism in Ireland?

2:26:53 – How to Become Schizoid

2:29:40 – Dev

2:39:07 – Scepticism and Mysticism

2:40:38 – Tomberg on the Degeneration and Regeneration of the Catholic Church

2:45:53 – Wolves in the Vatican

2:47:50 – Hermits—With a Radio Tower

2:49:34 – Ireland and Me

2:52:07 – The Heavenly Host

2:55:13 – We Are Never Alone

3:01:29 – Final Musings and Pitches

The Short Version (only 48 minutes!)
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