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The Future of Irish Catholicism?

    This blog, in so many ways, is the result of a journey: From Catholic Ireland to the ruins of Catholic France – and back again. Admittedly, there was also time spent in Britain and Spain, along the way. Still, my life, my writings are shaped by Catholic France and Catholic Ireland in a very […]

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Notes from Hibernia

  Some notes from Hibernia, some of them quite personal. I have had very little time to devote either to this website or to personal correspondence this summer. All I could manage was posting some pre- written extracts from my upcoming book, Cor Jesu Sacratissimum. Happily, that time-situation, at least, seems to be changing  – […]

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The Catholic Ireland of Éamon de Valera

      Today, we continue with extracts on Ireland, from my upcoming book Cor Jesu Sacratissimum. [UPDATE: Now Available here!] Two earlier instalments have appeared: Encountering Catholic Ireland (here) and Charity, Community and Caring in Catholic Ireland (here). In the most recent of those, I commented on my experience of living in Ireland and being […]

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Protecting Ireland from the Sword of Death

  There shall be a time, when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears: And will indeed turn away their hearing from the truth, but will be turned into fables. (Saint Paul to Timothy (2 Timothy 4:3-4)   Many years ago, Roger and […]

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Stammering about Hilaire Belloc and the Modern World

Stammering about Hilaire Belloc and the Modern World

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Valentin Tomberg, the New Age and the Way of the Heart

Or: An Open Letter on the Salvation of the World     APOLOGIA This Page is in process of a regrettable Deconstruction. The Deconstruction will be ongoing over the days ahead. We will explain the reasons for this regrettable Deconstruction and aim for a Reconstruction with most of this material and indeed expanded on. Until […]

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Hilaire Belloc on the Supreme Confidence of the Modern Mind

Hilaire Belloc wrote penetratingly on the supreme confidence – or rather sheer arrogance – of the Modern Mind.

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On Hilaire Belloc: Fumbling in the Footsteps of a Giant

Bullet points on Hilaire Belloc to introduce the thinking of a giant of the spirit …

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That 1929 world of Hilaire Belloc

Haunted by that world of Hilaire Belloc and what Belloc saw …

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On the Immeasurable Softness of Her Immaculate Heart

On Pontmain and Our Lady’s Tears and the Immeasurable Softness of Her Immaculate Heart …

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On Mélanie Calvat: Sr Mary of the Cross: Shepherdess of La Salette by Fr Paul Gouin (Review)

A haunting biography of Mélanie Calvat, shepherdess of La Salette.

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Valentin Tomberg, Catholic France and the Sacred Heart – More Very Personal Reflexions Part IV

From Valentin Tomberg on Charles de Gaulle of France, Pope Paul VI and averting chaos in the Catholic Church in 1968.

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Louis Veuillot – The Liberal Illusion (Book Review)

An invaluable insight into the Catholic France of 1866 by Louis Veuillot – which is still very relevant today in terms of the Liberal Illusion.

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On Archbishop Lefebvre: The Horn of the Unicorn by David Allen White (Review)

  Weeping. I watch her weeping. My beloved weeps, while she reads this book. This book, we read it together. Our hearts ripped. ***** The book calls itself a mosaic. It is written in an unusual style. In fragments. Shards of the life of Archbishop Lefebvre juxtaposed with fragments from the Twentieth Century, which serve […]

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Talking to the New Age Movement Part 3: On Amputating Christianity

Third part of a series by a Catholic convert from the New Age movement: On Amputating Christianity

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Talking to the New Age Movement Part 2: On Holistic Spirituality

So-called holistic spirituality is a new name for the New Age movement. A critique of, among other things, the New Age book Soulution – the Holistic Manifesto by William Bloom

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On Rennes-le-Chateau, the Cathars, the New Age and the Da Vinci Code …

What the New Age misses: The traditional Catholic elements to Rennes-le-Chateau and the Sauniere inspiration of the Da Vinci Code.

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Symbols and Imagery in the Sacred Heart Devotion Part 4: In Tridentine Catholicism

In Tridentine Catholicism, symbols and imagery of the Sacred Heart rose to prominence, whilst at the same time they were sneered at by the new mentality.

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Valentin Tomberg, Catholic Tradition and the Counter-Revolution (Part VII)

In this series, we will be turning in more depth towards both the Christian Hermeticism and the Catholic legal-political vision of Valentin Tomberg. Yes in time, we shall address these much more fully. But something is necessary first. For as we indicated in the last entry, both of the above – Tomberg’s Catholic legal-political thinking […]

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The Great Nineteenth

By Gary Potter     Foreword (from Roger Buck): We are very thankful that this fascinating, rich and insightful piece has been made available to us through the Creative Commons Attribution – Share Alike License. (For more regarding attribution, please see notes at the end of this essay. As described there, very small modifications have […]

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  • EWTN Interview with Roger Buck here!

    TWO-part “Celtic Connections” EWTN  Interview!

    Part One here.

    Part Two here.

  • YouTube Channel – Featured Video with Roger Buck

    Probably my favourite video. Shorter, more succinct, it captures the essence of so much I’m trying to say …

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