Video: Abortion and the Tragedy of Ireland

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Intensely occupied, I will not say much more now. But I will paste in the following description from YouTube, when this video was originally posted in July, a few months back now:

A tragedy of unthinkable proportions befell the Irish Republic on May 25th 2018: Her people voted in a referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution, paving the way for abortion on demand.

In this video, Roger Buck, an American Catholic author, living in Ireland confronts what this means for the unborn child as Ireland no doubt starts heading down the same slippery slope that has led to the holocaust of abortion elsewhere.

He also laments the final disintegration of Irish Catholic culture which had so long defended the Right to Life, but which has now thrown it away for the Culture of Death.

Herein he considers the Easter Rising of 1916, which led to Irish independence from Britain, suggesting the men and women of 1916 would be horrified by what has happened to modern Ireland. For they dreamt of an Ireland that would be DIFFERENT from Britain, but now globalist Irish values appear near-identical with those of Britain. Here is the precise antithesis of Irish nationalism and everything Pearse and de Valera believed in …

1,600 years of Irish Christianity has been rejected and the result is a defeat not only for once-Christian Ireland, but the pro-life cause everywhere. Countless Irish babies will now be slaughtered wholesale …

God bless you, friends. I hope to resume real blogging with some sort of explanation for my absence. I also mean to respond to comments I have perhaps sinfully neglected for far too long.

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