Video: The Indoctrination of Ireland (and the World)

As noted yesterday, this website has been dormant for too long. We hope to correct this with fresh content soon. Meanwhile, the process of updating the site will be continued by adding my recent YouTube videos here. Today, we feature the longest one (nearly two hours!) as well the most significant one I have yet made:

Let me just add to the above that I regret that comments have been perhaps sinfully neglected as well. I am most grateful and do mean to respond.

I lack time to say much more now, but will simply paste in the following description given at my YouTube channel here:

This video is not only about Ireland. As the presenter, Roger Buck says:

This feels for me the most important video I have yet done. It is both a political statement – and very, very much a personal one. I have bared more of my soul in this one than any other.

In the wake of the tragic abortion referendum this year, I have needed to confront the indoctrination of once Catholic Ireland like never before.

In that inner process, indeed inner revolution, the legacy of the great G.K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc has guided me. What has resulted is a very wide-ranging exploration of apparently very disparate elements, including:

* Irish Mysticism and British Materialism

* The Easter Rising of 1916 and Catholic Ireland

* Carroll Quigley, Conspiracy and the Anglo-American Establishment

* George Soros

* The Economist and other cesspits

* The Alt-Right

* Liberalism vs. Conservativism

* Katy Perry

* Tragedy and Hope

* and, of course, the Chesterbelloc and its alternative Catholic and Distributist vision to Capitalism.

Update 2023

Five years on, I remain profoundly concerned with the Irish tragedy and proud of this, for me, groundbreaking effort. But arguably better ones on Ireland have appeared since and we will simply leave this ninety second trailer as a sign and pointer to both these and my ongoing occupation with Ireland, beloved country, under siege, surrounded and swamped by all that is alien to her true heritage.

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  1. John Avatar


    Thank you for this post. I was searching for something on Findhorn and I found you and your blog/videos. I had spent time at Findhorn in 1996 through 1999 via courses, culminating in a Touch the Earth course. Eventually married at Findhorn in a wedding that soon devolved. Born Catholic but dropped out of it and have been on a `new age’ pursuit for many years. Finding your work may be of no accident.