Video: Feminism, the Alt-Right and Enantiodromia

As noted recently, we are in the process of slowly, too slowly, resuscitating this too long dormant website. Today, I add yet another of my recent YouTube videos:

We will just briefly note that in my long break from active blogging, many, many new things have surfaced in my thinking, never before discussed at this website.

Among these are the Alt-Right, drawing from the European New Right, featured in the present video and appearing for the first time in my last video here – which video is, I believe, the most important one I have ever made.

In this video, I also speak about how secularism, along with feminism, operates covertly as an almost de facto religion in contemporary Western society.

The Alt-Right or New Right would seem to be, at least in part, an almost inevitable reaction to the imposition of a secularist-globalist creed which has absorbed feminist thinking.

However, this is hardly a defence of the Alt-Right! Like others, I am deeply disturbed by the Alt-Right’s tragic and terrible emphasis on skin pigmentation – race. I am simply saying the reaction is understandable.

The great Chesterton and Belloc saw Socialism as the bastard child of Capitalism. I suggest the Alt-Right is the bastard child of Socialism. I am not a socialist, nor do I belong to the Alt-Right. Nor am I particularly interested in bastard off-spring.

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I simply suggest reactions like this – swinging from one extreme pole to another – are understandable. C.G. Jung had a name for this phenomenon: Enantiodromia . . .

But Christ and Christendom are beyond Enantiodromia – as well as Jungian psychology . . .

Other topics at least touched on include the globalist media, fake news and my time living at the New Age community of Findhorn in Scotland, prior to my conversion.

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