A YouTube Call to Authentic Counter-Revolution

Today is Ascension Day 2017 and what better day might there be for the launch of the most significant new experiment I have undertaken in many years: a new YouTube channel – in which the first episode can be seen here!

Yes, as of today, I am launching myself into the brave, new world of online video, where I will endeavour to speak along much the same lines as I write in my books (The Gentle Traditionalist and Cor Jesu Sacratissimum).

I am, I confess, nervous. I have never attempted a serious video project before, let alone of myself, let alone broadcast it to the world.  It is, as I said above, an experiment—which may fail.

I would appreciate, then, any prayers and support my readers feel inspired to offer – including subscribing to the new channel and “liking” the videos (if indeed you do!) – as these kinds of “likes” and subscriptions are necessary if the channel is to gain any significant visibility on YouTube.

Unsurprisingly for my readers,  topics will include both the utter miracle of the Church and its (apparently) perilous state at the start of the Third Millennium. (Although as I explain in my first video – below – that peril, whilst grave is of a temporary nature. The Church will rebound, as She always has.)

And here is a list of further things I plan to feature as the videos continue:

  • The Crisis in the Liturgy and the Latin Mass
  • Why Secularism gets away with murder (as the Gentle Traditionalist would say)
  • The Veiled Destructiveness of the New Age Movement
  • Great Catholic thinkers including Hilaire Belloc, G.K. Chesterton and Valentin Tomberg
  • Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Catholic Ireland
  • Catholic France
  • Christendom – and what must be done to renew it.
Counter Revolution Angel
Statue of Angel in Catholic Ireland at sunset.

Now, when Angelico Press, my publisher was readying my most recent book (Cor Jesu Sacratissimum) for publication, they asked for a subtitle. I suggested “A Call to Authentic Counter Revolution”.

My publisher liked it, I think, but for marketing reasons we settled on something else instead (“From Secularism and the New Age to Christendom Renewed”).

But I recall this lost subtitle now, as this is really what this YouTube project is about: calling for authentic Counter Revolution. And as I certainly hope to explain as the planned videos commence, authentic Counter Revolution is about the heart. It is about prayer, devotion, sincerity. It is not about violence, even emotional violence. But it is about RESISTANCE.

It is about creative resistance and creative alternatives to the globalising, secularising, artificial, abstract forces stripping our culture of Christ – which is also to say stripping us of our roots, our tradition, our human-ness and burying, I say, burying the very soul of the West and the Heart of the World.

Yes, the Heart of the World, the Cor Jesu Sacratissimum can never be extinguished. But it most certainly can be buried, which is to say thoroughly concealed from millions upon millions of souls.

Again, if you like what I am attempting here – please like and subscribe. It will help make the Counter Revolution more VISIBLE.

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    Just viewed the video. I’ll pass it to friends and family. Love the sweater, by the way!



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