Pellevoisin and Our Lady of the Sacred Heart—Pt. 3: The Scapular of the Heart of Jesus

Our Lady of Pellevoisin

CJS.Org Introductory Remarks:

Here we resume with the third part of our series on the reported Apparitions of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.

These are taken from a 1904 book by Bernard St John – who, in fact, personally knew Estelle Faguette, the visionary at Pellevoisin.

For more about the sources of this series here, please see our first part here, which also contains some introductory notes regarding the Apparitions of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, said to have happened at Pellevoisin.

Thus, we feel fortunate to be able to re-present this serialised account of the reported Apparitions of Our Lady of Pellevoisin by Bernard St John.

Five parts of this serial have so far appeared, covering the most important events. You can easily navigate through these by clicking on this table of contents:

Finally, let us note the message here regarding Catholic France is particularly striking for us, as we elaborate in our afterword – RB.

From Bernard St John:

The eighth Apparition was on the night of Monday, July 3rd, and lasted but a few minutes. The next was on September 9th, when the scapular of the Sacred Heart was revealed.

It was about three o’clock in the afternoon, and Estelle was in her room on her knees saying the Rosary, when, looking up, she saw before her the beauteous figure of her preceding visions.

We come now to remarkable words. ‘She paused, says Estelle in her narrative, and then said:

“For a long time past, the treasures of my Son have been open; let them pray.”

With this she raised what seemed to be a small square of white woollen stuff that lay on her breast, and turned it so that the other side could be distinctly seen.

The voyante tells us that in each of the preceding Apparitions she had noticed this square as of white woollen stuff, but without knowing what it meant.

[Estelle Faguette continued] As the Blessed Virgin held it up, I distinctly saw upon it a red heart in relief, and the thought occurred to me that it was a scapular of the Sacred Heart.

The Blessed Virgin said to me, still holding it up: “I love this devotion; it is here that I shall be honoured.”

The tenth Apparition was on the following Sunday at about the same time, and lasted but a few moments.

The heavenly visitant said at once: “Let them pray; I show them the example.”

She then joined her hands on her breast, says Estelle, and disappeared.

In each of the succeeding Apparitions, the Blessed Virgin wears the scapular.

The next Apparition was on September 15th. Respecting it, Estelle says: “With my mistress’s permission, I had gone to my room to pray. It was about a quarter before three. The Blessed Virgin appeared, as usual, with arms extended and with abundant rain-drops falling, as it were, from her hands.

She told me certain things that bore reference to myself alone. Afterwards, she said slowly: “Let them pray and put their trust in me.”

She looked sad as she added: “And France, what have I not done for her?

How many warnings have I not given her, and yet she refuses to listen.

I can no longer restrain my Son. France will have to suffer.”

At that moment the thought occurred to me that if I were to repeat what the Blessed Virgin was saying, no one would believe me.

She understood my thought, and replied: “I have arranged everything beforehand. So much the worse for those that will not believe you; they will see, later on, the truth of my words.”

Then she slowly disappeared.

There was a second person present while Estelle was favoured with this vision.

This was Mademoiselle de Tyran, of the household of the Comtesse de la Rochefoucauld.

This lady had followed the voyante into her room, and had seen her kneel down and begin saying the Rosary, which, by the way, she recited aloud.

About five minutes afterwards the words ceased, and the kneeling figure seemed almost to have stopped breathing.

Mademoiselle de Tyran’s testimony is that Estelle remained thus on her knees, motionless, for about three quarters of an hour, with hands clasped, and with a forward movement of the body, as if advancing towards some thing; that at the end of that time she heaved a deep sigh and seemed to brush away tears; and that then, turning round to the other person present, she asked her whether she, too, had not seen the Blessed Virgin.

She afterwards described the scapular of the Sacred Heart, and gave particulars respecting her vision.

At each of the succeeding Apparitions there were other persons present.

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Afterword: This website is particularly concerned with the Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus which arose in Catholic France.

2nd STAND-ALONE Part of Video on Sacred Heart—Article Continues Below

And much, very much will be found here in regards to both the Sacred Heart and Catholic France (see our labels below, if you are interested).

However, here we would point out that in connexion with the story of Nineteeth Century Catholic France, these words above assume a particular significance:

“How many warnings have I not given her, and yet she refuses to listen.

I can no longer restrain my Son. France will have to suffer.”

The interested reader may wish to consider the 1846 Apparition of Our Lady of La Salette (a series on which starts here).

Because nearly thirty years before these reported events at Pellevoisin, Melanie Calvat and Maximin Giraud beheld the Weeping Virgin of La Salette:

“If my people will not submit, I shall be obliged to let go my Son’s arm. I can no longer hold it up. How long have I not been suffering for you?

In order that my Son forsake you not, I am obliged to pray to Him without ceasing. And you all pay no attention to this.

No matter how much you may pray, or what you may do, you will never be able to make me a return for what I have done for you.

I have given six days wherein to labour, and the seventh day I have reserved for myself, and that (seventh day) you will not give me.

It is that which makes my Son’s arm heavy. And those who drive carts can no longer swear without using my Son’s name. It is these two things that so weigh down His arm.

If the crops fail it will be through your own fault. I gave you a proof of this last year in the potatoes, and you paid no attention to it.

On the contrary, when you found bad ones, you swore and made use in your oaths of my Son’s name. They will go on rotting until Christmas, and then there will be none.”

These words point in the direction of very profound matters. When contemplated alongside the other great Marian Apparitions of Catholic France, much may come to light.

At present, we feel utterly unable to explicitly articulate what we mean here, even as we devote years of our life to pondering these things.

However, we are posting numerous pieces at this website, which when taken together and contemplated together may implicitly express what we mean – in the space between them, as it were.

In this regards, this book review concerning La Salette may also be helpful. – RB.

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