A Brush with Evil

Not so long ago, I shook a man’s hand. He was a man I barely knew.

All looked ordinary, “normal” with him. I would never have guessed that something was seriously amiss.

Yesterday I learned that he had stabbed his partner to death. And then he took the knife to himself. They both had children and grandchildren who discovered the bloody scene.

All of this happened in a rural setting, where not so long ago, such things were unimaginable.

A hell on Earth, with demons I cannot begin to imagine …

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To speak of demons these days, is often to think of pathological, psychological complexes.

In our materialistic worldview, we are unlikely to think of this killer, beset with real demons: autonomous entities of evil which perhaps attacked a soul in torment and misery for year upon year upon year.

The medieval world saw more clearly than us in this regard.

I was not intending to write so soon.

As I said before here, I want to take a little breather.

But the news of yesterday got the better of my intentions.

I see evil, hell on Earth thriving in a materialistic worldview that little understands how to deal with it …

Things like this lead me ever more to ponder on the crying need for the world to understand Supernatural Mystery and the need for Supernatural Grace through the Church.

What more can I say of this horror? May God have mercy, may God have mercy …

And maybe: “Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell and lead all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of your mercy.”

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