Holy Mother Church

Mother Church
Holy Mother, crowned in Heaven. Photo by by Ian42 *

Several years ago, a friend of mine spoke to me about a Catholic study group she had been part of.

The group consisted of mainly women and there was much talk against the then pope, Bl. John Paul II, who had declared that the Church lacked authority to ordain women.

These women claimed that they were searching for the feminine within their Catholic faith.

They argued that there was no female figurehead or person to look up to, or to provide support for the feminine perspective.

The Trinity was male and the Church hierarchy was male.

My friend told me of this with dismay. She could not understand the needs presented to her by these women. She said passionately, “But the Church Herself is feminine. The Church is our Mother!”

I too have recently come face to face with the same issue. Someone I know who attends Catholic university is challenging me with these exact concerns. “Where is the feminine in the Catholic Church?”

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Presented with this question, I stand with my friend’s comment from years ago, that we only have to look towards Holy Mother Church, to find the most beautiful femininity there is.

Holy Mother Church, who holds the most precious gifts we can ever receive. These deeply nourishing gifts of the Sacraments, which cleanse and feed our souls in a way that only the best mother ever could.

Yet in these modern times, the Church has been stripped of much of her beauty. Altars lie bare and the Catholic Mystery has been subjected to rationalism and secularism to the point of sacramental degradation.

The Protestantisation of the Church has naturally led to a loss of the feminine. A loss of the belief in the richness, beauty and gifts provided by Holy Mother Church. Gifts essential to our health and our Salvation. There has also been a loss in the belief of Our Blessed Lady as the Immaculate Conception, the Theotokos and the Spouse of the Holy Spirit at the Annunciation.

Is it no wonder then, that the modern Church is searching, desperately searching for that which it has rejected?

I can imagine, that she lies exposed, Holy Mother Church, stripped of Her beautiful veils, robes and adornments, deeply weeping not only her own loss, but especially ours.

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