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The Tridentine Mass: Balm to My Soul

Why the Tridentine Mass is like balm to the soul …

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‘A Regime of Heresy’: The Prophetic Hilaire Belloc

The prophetic Hilaire Belloc saw a regime of heresy, not unlike Benedict XVI’s ’dictatorship of relativism’. But what would happen if Belloc were to travel in time to the world of today?

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Brighton Rock by Graham Greene (Review)

Reflections on the first of Graham Greene’s Catholic novels – Brighton Rock from 1938.

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Holy France and Catholic Europe

Catholic France and Catholic Europe were so very different from Protestant Europe, until even very recently. Elodie, the wife of Hilaire Belloc, yearned it seemed for ‘Holy France’.

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Catholic Restoration and Hilaire Belloc

Hilaire Belloc has not been sufficiently remembered. His remarkable life-long crusade for Catholic restoration is addressed in a long-forgotten but remarkable passage from Reginald Jebb.

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The Institute of Christ the King – and its Praises

Praise be the Institute of Christ the King. Some recollections of the Institute in Madrid, Liverpool and in Catholic Ireland.

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Farewell to Catholic Liverpool …

    Let me start with another little personal notice … That notice is to say this website will be interrupted again perhaps three or four weeks while Kim, myself and our daughter relocate from Liverpool to Ireland. For myself, it will be a profound joy to be living, once again, not only in my […]

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Review: Catholics Britain’s Largest Minority by Dennis Sewell

Small review of an admirable, insightful book from Dennis Sewell: Catholics Britain’s Largest Minority.

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Musings on an Antithesis: Catholic England

From the opening to Dennis Sewell’s Catholics: Britain’s Largest Minority: “When I was sent away to the Jesuits at the age of eight, my paternal grandmother plotted to have me abducted. Family legend has it that her co-conspirator was Great Aunt Mary, a strict Presbyterian with a booming voice and a developed propensity to meddle. […]

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Easter in England: The Anglican Ordinariate and Catholic Tradition

A Catholic convert and former Anglican looks at the Easter advent of the new Ordinariate as a historic moment for England – and for tradition.

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