Video: With Dr Joseph Shaw on Theosophy and the New Age Movement

As recently explained’ here, I have been beset with too many pressures to allow time for this website.   That fact as well as much-needed repairs to the site mean there will be little in terms of new posts for a while yet. But here is my latest YouTube video:

To explain the video somewhat . . .

I was recently honoured to be interviewed by Dr Joseph Shaw, a member of the philosophy faculty at Oxford University, Lifesite News commentator and Chairman of the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales.

This is the second part of our conversation regarding the New Age Movement—largely concerning Theosophy and other important things that, alas, too few Catholics understand properly.

For we are in the midst of something like a Second Reformation and it is alarming indeed how few Catholics seem to truly get this . . .

At any rate, I am deeply grateful that Dr Shaw does get this and for the privilege of being interviewed by him.

Now, the focus here is on the hidden roots of the New Age Movement. Madame Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and even Kate Bush are discussed—as is my time as a member of the Findhorn Community, once described by Father Malachi Martin as the ‘Vatican City of the New Age Movement’.

We also discuss the progressive liberalism of modern culture that readily endorses New Age-ism. As I say in my recent book The Gentle Traditionalist Returns, our modern globalism only favours two creeds: The New Secular Religion and The New Age Religion, which, unlike Christianity, never clashes with the first—but instead all-too-easily supports it.

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Return Gentle Traditionalist

Yes the Church remains a definite menace to global consumerism and hedonistic lifestyles. But the children of Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey are not . . .

Dr Shaw has graciously put this interview up in several places on the net, but here it is on my own YouTube channel.

Also for any who may be interested, here is the first part of the interview:

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