Video: Britain, France, Ireland—and Belloc!

Here is my latest video, which, rather obviously, concerns Europe—particularly Britain, France and Ireland, as well as the great Hilaire Belloc.

Now, I find myself in the odd position of slightly cringing with embarrassment regarding this one (for reasons that should become evident to the viewer) yet deeply pleased with it at the same time.

Because, more than any other episode on my Youtube channel, this one expresses my heart and soul.

Now, this is not easily explainable, although certainly my devotion to Belloc is a key reason. He, more than any other Catholic author, remains the greatest single inspiration for this website, my books and all my videos.  

Another factor lies in the autobiographical material here (including embarrassing video footage of me from 2008!) relating to my time living in France and what I realised in France. As the video elaborates, this realisation points to the enduring differences between Catholic and Protestant cultures, even after faith has slipped away. 

Now, those who know Belloc should recognise this as a familiar theme in his books. But this video tells the story of just how vividly I came to see this long before discovering Belloc . . .

At any rate, the video is my favourite so far —which is not to say it is the best! No, it is flawed in many ways—like all these episodes. (Only my books am I truly proud of.)

But, I say, personally, to those few of you who follow and care about my videos and online work: this episode is more me than any other I have made. And that is why it is my favourite, even if it is so flawed . . .

I am not sure I will ever be able to make an episode again like this—one that so expresses me.

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