A Cryptic Traditional Catholic Travelogue 2: On France and Ireland


Catholic France - Lourdes

Rosary Basilica, Lourdes in Catholic France by Vassil (Own work) [Public domain , via Wikimedia Commons”

2013 Introduction: Just a small clarifying word about this blog series – originally written in 2010 – which is particularly close to my heart. It is probably too fragmentary to mean much of anything to anyone, except, just possibly, a few of the most dedicated followers of this website.

But to clarify, for two months in the summer of 2010, I was travelling in a van through Catholic France and thinking of Catholic Ireland, the traditional Catholic faith and writing these cryptic soul fragments …

From 2010:

Fragments of a soul in France. Pieces, just pieces. The italics are meant to convey their fragmentary nature:

The Battle … the Battle is still not lost in Ireland.


There, the suppression is not as fierce – yet – as the fearsome French Republic.

That Third French Republic in particular, which expropriated all the property of the Church, expelled the priests, monks and nuns and bathed its young in anti-religious education and propaganda.

There is also anti-religious propaganda on that Holy Island.

This, I know.

But in a sense, a last fragment of Christendom is praying there, still.

One goes into the churches there and hears everyday in the cities, the groups of people praying to You still: Hail Mary, Full of Grace …

The children still have religious education in Ireland. Of a sort, anyway.

Abortion is still illegal.

There are still Masses everyday in the Irish villages.

The Irish: So many of them have no idea how LUCKY they are.

Ireland, O Ireland – how I yearn for your piety and love …

Thy Will be done …

Here in this French wasteland, the villages are lucky to get the Holy Mass once a month.

One priest to forty parishes.

It is that bad in places.

The vertical has been destroyed in favour of the horizontal:

Rationality. Materialism. Secularism. Good taste. Good taste. An aesthetic veneer. Excellence Gastronomique. Haute Couture.

Bourgeois. Completement Bourgeois.

God is crucified again.

Yet again.

Bobos: Bohemian Bourgeois …


To be Continued …


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Next Installment:

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