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  • Video: New Age Dogma

    Video: New Age Dogma

    As we recently “explained” here, both this website and my private life have been beset with problems, technical and personal. Indeed, things are moving so slowly at this old breaking-down website that I never even realised I posted a “new” video – released ten months ago, back in January! There is little in me to explain…

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  • First Video from Kim!

    First Video from Kim!

    My first video! And it is a presentation, or testimony of joy, about my conversion from atheism to Catholicism. It bears witness to the living of the Catholic joy—day in, day out—as my life deepened and deepens still, in and through the Catholic Mystery. And, as it has done so, I have been brought deeper…

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  • Video: Through the Embers of Christendom

    Video: Through the Embers of Christendom

    If anyone is following this long-neglected website, now obviously breaking down, with (perhaps sinfully) long-neglected comments, they may wonder what is going on. Part of the answer to that question is that, till lately, I have been not only far away from this website, but away from home and away from the internet almost completely.…

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  • Michael Martin’s Transfiguration (Review)

    Michael Martin’s Transfiguration (Review)

    Michael Martin sees the desperate need for something different. And his obvious years of urgent, passionate enquiry have yielded a glorious book – truly, filled with glory – Transfiguration: Notes toward a Radical Catholic Reimagination of Everything.

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  • How Catholicism Made Me Human (My Best Video Yet)

    How Catholicism Made Me Human (My Best Video Yet)

    As Roger says, his best video—and unusually succinct by his standards!

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