Video: Sophiology, Tomberg and Technocracy Rising

Here is my latest video, continuing my explorations on Rudolf Steiner and Valentin Tomberg—and also the American Sophiologist Michael Martin, whose work was recently featured in an extraordinarily long but key, important piece recently published at this website here.

Indeed, this video is in part (but only in part!) a reading of that long piece. But I do not simply read the essay aloud, I also amplify with further commentary. There are, then, many added interjections and digressions here, particularly on Tomberg, which are not in the essay. (Moreover some parts of the original article were also passed over.)

Now, this massive video (four hours!) comes in two distinct parts.

Part One mainly concerns Sophiology and Michael Martin. Part Two mainly concerns Valentin Tomberg. But there is plenty of Tomberg in the first part and further reflections on Martin and Sophiology in the second.

There is also much on Anthroposophy (whether explicit or implicit) in both parts.

The second part raises among other things intense (at least for me) questions regarding Tomberg’s legacy.

Could it be threatened? (Albeit unintentionally or unconsciously?)

Personally, I believe so . . .

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From Michael Martin: The Glory of Sophiology

To further help people navigate these four hours, here is a Table of Contents:

00:00:04 Part One: (Mainly on) Sophiology and Michael Martin

00:05:25 Tomberg and Technocracy

00:10:40 Solovyov, Tomberg, Martin: A Sophiological Thread

00:17:09 ‘It Started with an Idea . . .’

00:25:14 Evil in the Church

00:28:29 My Profound Difference with Michael Martin 00:34:45 Sacramental Transformation

00:38:08 A Hundred Thousand Times a Day—At Least

00:43:01. How to Obscure the Wisdom and Glory of God

00:48:05 On Becoming a Product

00:50:40 Entering the Demonic

00:51:43 An Artificial World

00:54:13 Tomberg:‘Do Not Consult Herod and His People’

00:57:17 What is Sophiology?

01:00:35 Contemplative Engagement

01:02:57 Contemplating Belloc

01:05:23 Contemplating the World

01:09:08 Sergei Bulgakov and the Soul of the World

01:11:59 Catholicism Prostituted to Enlightenment Rationalism

01:15:13 The Impoverishment of Catholic ‘Culture’

01:18:15 Why Good People Turn New Age

01:23:51 Comfortably Numb?

01:26:08 Technocracy Rising

01:28:19 A Different Mode of Seeing

01:30:49 Science Estranged from Reality

01:36:33 ‘The Universe Was At Last Disenchanted’

01:40:04 The Despair of Freud

01:41:45 The Secularisation of the Mystery of Marriage

01:42:43 Tomberg and Secularisation

01:45:06 Anglican Sacraments?

01:48:30 Tomberg and Transubstantiation

01:51:03 The Consequences for England

01:53:02 Back to Sophiology

01:54:22 Tomberg on Autonomous Intelligence—Separated from God

01:56:37 Sophiology: A Regeneration of Life

01:59:59 Both/And

Guides in the Gathering Darkness

02:01:35 Part Two: (Mainly on) Valentin Tomberg

02:02:57 Hermetic Depths, Hermetic Danger

02:03:45 Obedience and Fidelity to Church and Tradition

02:08:49 Tomberg: No Surgery

02:15:47 ‘Transformed in the Blood of the Lamb’ 02:17:41 Conflating the Two Tombergs: A Serious Problem

02:20:08 A Vague, Elusive, Insubstantial Church?

02:21:00 A Centralised, Hierarchical Church

02:22:37 The Sacraments: ‘Destined to Serve the Whole of Mankind’

02:23:54 Tomberg on ‘the Protestants who have Separated Themselves from . . . the Church’

02:25:02 ‘The Catholic Church being Catholic or Universal Cannot Consider Itself a Particular Church . . .’

02:25:57 ‘Is It Truly Necessary to Deny Three Times Before the Cock Crows in Order to be Accepted?’

02:27:40 How to Become ‘Rigid’

02:30:28 ‘Really, I Should Have a Different Name Now’

02:41:05 When We Conflate the Two Tombergs

02:39.32 Mystery, Dreams, Prayers

02:02:57 Much is at Stake

02:42:40 Tomberg on the Counter-Reformation as the ‘True Reformation’

02:47:10 Enlightenment Monsters

02:52:07 Until the Fall Be Undone

02:57:57 Michael Martin, Catholic Revival and the Future

03:04:43 Anthroposophical Anathema

03:08:24 Dwelling on Belloc, Chesterton, Waugh, Tomberg, Martin . . . and Joseph Shaw

03:14:40 England’s Green and Pleasant Land 03:16:25 England Transformed (Pugin vs Steiner)

03:19:20 *Some* Sort of Christendom Renewed

03:21:31 Only This Can Avert Catastrophe

03:24:09 Tomberg and Solovyov: Men from Eastern Europe

03:28:45 Avoiding the way to Death: Tomberg’s Call to Hierarchy

03:33:10 The Immensity of Meditations on the Tarot

03:35:01 After Anthroposophy: Tomberg’s Project to Regenerate the West

03:45:20 God Bless Michael Martin

03:46:20 For the Sake of the World

03:49:14 On Avoiding Clickbait ‘Traditionalism’

From Michael Martin: The Glory of Sophiology
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