Video: Marx, Freud, Jung—and Tomberg

We have a new YouTube “video” out with two different titles, for reasons somewhat explained below:

To clarify: I say “video” as, unusually, the episode is really only audio. There simply was not time for all the camera work, the usual inserted graphics, titling, graphics, editing and more. I am unsure how happy I really am with such audio-only efforts, but the camera episodes seem to take outrageous amounts of time . . .

Moreover, those who start to watch will immediately notice two alternate titles.

One is: “Marx, Freud, Jung—and Tomberg”. The other is: “Immersion in Materialism: A Horror Story”.

Finding a good title is not always easy. Each of these addresses the content of the episode from different angles.

I will simply note that the first half-hour or so is really about a personal “horror story” concerning the children of Marx, Freud and the wasteland of materialism. Or, if you like, in Tomberg’s words, it concerns the cry of:

of a solitary man afflicted by the ravages that scientific faith, supported by the success of empirical science, has brought to bear upon mankind’s spiritual life

Anonymous, Meditations on the Tarot, 223

Only after that do I begin to turn explicitly to matters involving Valentin Tomberg, C.G. Jung and also Rudolf Steiner.

That said, even the first half hour is indebted to Tomberg, I think, in a more subtle way. But as the “video” proceeds, I continue building on the themes of recent episodes concerning both Steiner and Tomberg and the wasteland of the West they both diagnosed so clearly—even if Tomberg came, at last, to a very different form of healing for the West . . .

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