Video: Globalism and the Irish Tragedy

Globalism, Ireland and France’s Catholic Zombies, back from the dead. Three hours on this, Belloc and more . . .

But hold a minute! Perhaps, first, we should clarify. In France, the term Catholic Zombies has been taken up as a badge of honour, after initially being a term of abuse by the French Left, horrified to see French Catholicism ‘rising from the dead’!

When one looks beyond the Anglosphere, how often one finds hope! At least, that is my recent experience of France, where I was truly shocked to see evidence of Zombies everywhere.

There is more of this in the video and I pray to see these Zombies in Ireland too. For the real Ireland is Catholic and Christian and not this Capitalist Anglo-American imported monstrosity . . .

I speak with pain and passion. For any who may not know, I live here in Ireland and write about the tragic fate of this beloved country.

Praise for My First Book on Ireland—The Gentle Traditionalist

“This is one of the most unusual books I’ve ever read. It’s a spiritual journey, a romance and a quest; a reflection on history and a discourse on faith and tradition; a fable and a meditation about place and location. It’s sometimes surreal, sometimes eccentric, sometimes didactic, but written throughout with passion and engagement, with a touching and deep-seated love for Ireland and for the sweetness and humanity that have been embedded in Irish country values.

Some readers will want to argue with the text. Others will be stimulated to ponder the question whether in the course of modernisation globalised Ireland has lost the essence that was its soul.”—MARY KENNY, author of Goodbye to Catholic Ireland

And the Sequel—The Gentle Traditionalist Returns

“A brilliant diagnosis of the spiritual malaise of modern society, written with gentleness, generosity, humour, pathos … and, above all else, love”— MAOLSHEACHLANN Ó CEALLAIGH, author of Inspiration from the Saints

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