O Catholic Ireland! O Catholic France!

Just a small burst from my heart …

I thought my book Cor Jesu Sacratissimum was basically finished long ago.

But how much checking, re-checking, thinking, re-thinking still seems necessary.

Before one sends out the major statement of one’s life, significant moral enquiry is obviously needed too.

I hope it will not be too much longer.

In all of this, I have penned a dedication for the book.

I am not sure whether these will be the final words – but I share them with you as an impromptu burst.

For brief as they are, truly these words say much indeed about the entire inspiration for the book as well as for this website:

To the Soul of Catholic France, which was subjected to utter mutilation in the past

And to the Soul of Catholic Ireland, which is being mutilated in similar fashion today,

This book is dedicated.

For to the Souls of these great Catholic cultures, I owe more than I can possibly tell you, dear Reader.

If any readers should desire amplification of this brevity, we have archives of posts on Catholic Ireland here as well as Catholic France here

2023 Update

And now it is twelve years almost since we posted that.

Where am I today? Well, dear Reader, in response to this question, I offer you the below three hour meditation on Catholic France, Catholic Ireland and Catholic Zombies, back from the dead . . .

(If the term ‘Catholic Zombies’ seems derogative, it was originally—a term of abuse by the French Right horrified to see Catholic France rising from the dead.

Catholic in France, though, now consider it a badge of honour—as I describe in this video.

And may I repeat the epitaph of my book about Catholic France and Ireland, which finally appeared in 2016 . . . ?

To the Souls of these great Catholic cultures, I owe more than I can possibly tell you, dear Reader.

Three Hour Video on Catholic Ireland and Catholic France
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