Video: Valentin Tomberg — A Stammering

Friends, the most ambitious video—over three hours long!— I have ever attempted has now debuted on our YouTube channel:

To be very personal, the video has left me exhausted after long, long weeks of work and untold gallons of midnight oil. Being too wrecked to say anything more now, though, I simply paste in below the copy I wrote for YouTube.

This episode is for me the most important one I’ve done yet. I am stammering, because I hardly know how to do more than stammer, before immense questions to do with Valentin Tomberg, Rudolf Steiner, Catholicism, Christendom and the Fate of the West.

Topics here include:

* Valentin Tomberg

* Meditations on the Tarot

* Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy

* The Anthroposophical subculture and the Catholic Church

Other people or things that feature here to one extent or another: Helena P. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Sergei O. Prokofieff, Robert Spaemann, Benedict XVI, Findhorn, George Orwell, New Age dogma and the madness of materialism.

Cor Jesu

And I also paste in some reviews (or blurbs, really) for my main big book concerning Tomberg and Catholicism—Cor Jesu Sacratissimum: From Secularism and the New Age to Christendom Renewed.

“In Cor Jesu Sacratissimum, Roger Buck traces his journey–geographical, metaphorical, and mystical–from New Age adventurer to Catholic traditionalist, from spiritual dilettante to repentant wayfarer, from lost to found. Along the way we are treated to spiritually rich meditations on politics, economics, social movements, modernity, the spiritual dangers of our age, and the eternal mysterium of the Church. But Roger Buck does not merely describe his own journey. No, he holds our times up to a mirror and shows us our own faces. And with great clarity.”—MICHAEL MARTIN​, author of The Submerged Reality: Sophiology and the Turn to a Poetic Metaphysics
“Roger Buck has done a great service to the Church by his careful and well-informed examination–both charitable and unflinching– of the New Age, and his discussion of wider issues in the Church from the perspective of a former New Age initiate. Buck shows that the New Age is an attempt, however flawed, to escape the materialism of modernity, and that it is Catholicism in its traditional forms–with its mystery and ritual, its sacramentals, art, and pious practices–that can best reveal the immense reality of the suffering and love for all mankind of Christ’s Sacred Heart to those trapped in the false mysteries of the New Age.”—JOSEPH SHAW​, Chairman of the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales

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Foreword for Monarchy by Roger Buck

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2 responses to “Video: Valentin Tomberg — A Stammering”

  1. Br. Charbel OFM CAP Avatar
    Br. Charbel OFM CAP

    You are doing great work Mr. Buck. I believe Valentin Tomberg had a heart of gold. I would very much enjoy sending you an e-mail to share my appreciation and ask you a question.

    Christ’s Peace to you and Kim on this Feast of the Holy Trinity!

    br. charbel

    1. roger Avatar

      Warm thanks indeed for this, Br. Charbel – which has helpfully slipped through! For I thought I had the comments switched off and mean to close them for awhile now. As I feel quite inundated right now.

      That said, I WILL send you my email and do most appreciate your kindness. I will also note I am not or not yet turning comments at YouTube – but as your question may be private rest assured I will give you an e-mail.