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As we recently “explained” here, both this website and my private life have been beset with problems, technical and personal.

Indeed, things are moving so slowly at this old breaking-down website that I never even realised I posted a “new” video – released ten months ago, back in January! There is little in me to explain better now, but here is the video, along with the blurb written for Youtube:

Roger Buck discusses the hidden dogma in a movement that claims to be free from dogma, focussing on New Age icons like Marianne Williamson, Oprah Winfrey, Neale Donald Walsch, A Course in Miracles, Eckhart Tolle and the seminal New Age community of Findhorn, of which he was once an enthusiastic member.

We will also take this opportunity to post a few reviews (or blurbs, really) regarding my latest book: The Gentle Traditionalist Returns (which is, in fact, very much concerned with New Age dogma, as well as the defence of tradition).

“Roger Buck’s character, the ‘Gentle Traditionalist,’ returns with a vengeance in this stand-alone sequel. Set against the backdrop of modern Ireland’s headlong flight from sanity, this book skewers the modern malaise with the kind of sanity we have come to expect from this author.”–CHARLES A. COULOMBE , author of Puritan’s Empire: A Catholic Perspective on American History

”Buck’s latest foray is a grand success … The story features the same singular combination of whimsy and surprise, keen social commentary, and deft argumentation as the first [book]. The Gentle Traditionalist Returns appeals to what is best and deepest in us, so that we will reengage with that which ultimately matters while there is yet time.” — PETER KWASNIEWSKI, author of Reclaiming Our Roman Catholic Birthright.

”A brilliant diagnosis of the spiritual malaise of modern society, written with gentleness, generosity, humour, pathos … and, above all else, love”— MAOLSHEACHLANN Ó CEALLAIGH , author of Inspiration From the Saints

“Those who were charmed by Roger Buck’s previous books–well, prepare to be charmed again, but also warned and given plenty of food for thought. This book strikes a more somber note, but one tuned to the timbre of our times. Read it and tune in.”– THOMAS STORCK , author of From Christendom to Americanism

The Gentle Traditionalist Returns is a welcome visit from an old friend. Roger Buck’s delightful narrative–as the title assures us–gently leads the reader into a new perspective on the Catholic Mystery. An absolutely refreshing read!”–MICHAEL MARTIN, author of Transfiguration: Notes Toward a Radical Catholic Reimagination of Everything

“Once again, Roger Buck has shown himself to be a prophet in the tradition of Ezekiel; he is the watchman on the wall. Buck’s experience as a convert from New Age activism has uniquely fitted him for this vocation.”–GERARD O’SHEA , author of Educating in Christ

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