Video: Patrick Pearse, Éamon de Valera and the Easter Rising

We have been hoping to revive this too-long dormant website. So far, we fail. In the interim, here is a recent video. It is one of the more important ones I have done.

This one addresses Patrick Pearse, Éamon de Valera and the leaders of the Easter Rising of 1916. Men, this is to say, who sacrificed their lives for a vision of Ireland utterly different to the contemporary globalist, socially and economically liberal world order that dominates the nation today. And men who succeeded, against all odds, in defeating the British Empire, the mightiest force on earth at that time . . .

The fate of Ireland remains terribly important for my wife and I at this website, living as we do in this land. But truly, as I argue here, it should be important for Catholics in the Anglosphere everywhere—as until very recently, Ireland was the lighthouse for Christendom in English-speaking world.

Perhaps that is why certain Anglo-American groups have seen fit to extinguish that lighthouse and now Ireland faces death on many fronts at once. (For more on that, you may see this video here.)

Be that as it may, Ireland cannot be surrendered to American-driven Globalism. Just as the French fight the Americanisation-Globalisation of their culture, I pray the Irish can, as well. Ultra-liberal Capitalism is natural to the soil of the Anglo-American culture. It goes back to 1688, at least, as Hilaire Belloc saw so well.

But in Ireland and in France, it is a foreign import and must be resisted.

Indeed, in this very brief ninety-second video, I even issue a call for this:

What can I say? For Catholics of an earlier era, men like Patrick Pearse, Éamon de Valera and Hilaire Belloc, what I say here would be hardly controversial!

1916 had all to do with resistance to what was perceived as English materialism. Men went to their deaths to fight against it.

But drowned as we are by such materialism today, what I say here is, alas, as controversial as it is exotic . . .

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