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Cover (and spine) of Cor Jesu Sacratissimum: From Secularism and the New Age to Christendom Renewed by Roger Buck from Angelico Press


My new book Cor Jesu Sacratissimum is now available to buy at Amazon worldwide. Clicking on this link here should take you directly to whatever is your closest Amazon store on the planet.

At 482 pages, this second book is much bigger than my first and represents an eight year journey in my life, written from 2008 to 2016.

And, soon, I will be saying considerably more about this book and this journey, what it means to me and what I hope it may mean to other people. I will expand further on the wide range of topics it includes.

But today, I simply offer a little bullet point list of a few of the more important ones (which list is hardly ordered at all.)

  • The Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Christendom
  • The New Age Movement, including my own experience of it for twenty years, including at:
  • Findhorn, the New Age community in Scotland where I lived for the best part of three years.
  • The Eastern roots of the New Age in the Theosophy of Helena P. Blavatsky and Alice Bailey
  • Catholic France and the Catholic Counter Revolution there
  • Catholic Ireland
  • Hilaire Belloc
  • Capitalism and consumerism
  • The Tyranny of Secular Ideology (e.g. ‘Political Correctness’)
  • The Enlightenment
  • The Often-Unconscious Protestant Legacy of the globally dominant Anglo-American culture
  • The Post-Vatican II Crisis in the Church
  • Valentin Tomberg


I will also observe that most of these topics likewise feature in The Gentle Traditionalist. Indeed, I think of that book as the ‘comic-book’ version of this much bigger, more in-depth work.

More than The Gentle Traditionalist, however, this book delves into Catholic France, the Sacred Heart and the work of Tomberg, who wrote in French and drew on the (so-often) Catholic Counter Revolutionary French Hermeticists, whose concerns also feature in the book.

But Catholic Ireland also gets a big chapter and just about everything else in my ‘comic book’ is expanded on.

The book also features passages of autobiography – selectively used to illustrate the themes of the book. For example, I go into my life at Findhorn and also my time spent in Ireland, France and Spain.

I will not say much more myself now.

But, in addition to the front and back covers, I will also give you the back cover text, including some material which did not quite fit on the back cover (including further reviews and a little bio of myself).

Here it is, broken down a little, for easier reading from a computer screen:


Book Description:

The Cor Jesu Sacratissimum IS the Heart of the World, the beating Heart of the Church, yet that truth becomes ever more obscured in our modern age.

This book’s mission is precisely to disclose and address those obscuring forces: the New Age movement, globalized secular culture born of the Enlightenment, the often-hidden legacy of Protestantism in the Anglo-American world, and, perhaps most baneful of all, the liberal excesses in the Church Herself, unleashed after Vatican II.

It details also the personal journey of a Catholic convert, once submerged in the New Age, who found liberation in Catholic Tradition.

Drawing upon his intimate knowledge of all things New Age, Roger Buck first unveils its Eastern origins in an explicit way that goes far beyond what most Christian and Catholic books ever say on the subject, and then confronts head-on the apparent death of Christianity in the West.

For, increasingly, he argues, Westerners face a tragic choice between either Secularism or a vague post-Christian New Age spirituality that subtly and insidiously depersonalizes what is truly human.

The only answer, he contends, entails restoring not only Catholic culture, but also the spirituality of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, born in France at the cusp of modernity.

The book owes an unusual debt to the Catholic thinkers Valentin Tomberg and Hilaire Belloc, as well as the author’s own experience of living in France and Ireland—all of which are explored in this very personal cry from the heart: a cry for Christendom renewed.


“In this elegant feast of a book, Roger Buck—master of the blog of the same name—expertly skewers the modern world, with its twin horrors of arrogant materialism and non-specific ‘spirituality.’ But he does this without a drop of malice in his compassionate soul. Rather, he strives to tear away the choking illusions of modernity, to reveal the bright, shining love and truth at the center of the universe—symbolised by the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and incarnate in the Catholic Church and her Sacraments. Buck cuttingly diagnoses, but lovingly prescribes.”—Charles A. Coulombe author of Puritan’s Empire and Everyman Today Call Rome 

“Roger Buck goes to the heart of the problem paralyzing our broken-hearted world. As a seeker after truth, he first thought he could find it in the New Age movement, but finally discovered it in the goodness and beauty of the Catholic Church, moving beyond the spirit of the age to the Spirit who moves all ages.”—Joseph Pearce, author of Wisdom and Innocence: A Life of G. K. Chesterton 

“In Cor Jesus Sacratissimum, Roger Buck traces his journey—geographical, metaphorical, and mystical—from New Age adventurer to Catholic traditionalist, from spiritual dilettante to repentant wayfarer, from lost to found. Along the way we are treated to spiritually rich meditations on politics, economics, social movements, modernity, the spiritual dangers of our age, and the eternal mysterium of the Church. Roger Buck, with great clarity, holds our times up to a mirror and shows us our own faces.”—Michael Martin, author of The Submerged Reality: Sophiology and the Turn to a Poetic Metaphysics

“Roger Buck has done a great service to the Church by his careful and well-informed examination of the New Age—both charitable and unflinching—and his discussion of wider issues in the Church from the perspective of a former New Age initiate. Buck shows that the New Age is an attempt, however flawed, to escape the materialism of modernity, and that it is Catholicism in its traditional forms—with its mystery and ritual, its sacramentals, art, and pious practices—that can best reveal the immense reality of the suffering and love for all mankind of Christ’s Sacred Heart.”—Joseph Shaw, Chairman of the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales

“Roger Buck is one of the very few authors writing today who grasps the intimate connection between Catholic faith and Catholic culture, and recognizes that the lack of such a culture has a very deleterious effect on Catholic lives. For the most part, American Catholics of all ecclesiastical stripes have no notion how much their outlook on political, social, and even religious matters has been shaped by the Protestant milieu in which they dwell. Reading Roger Buck might just offer them the possibility of an escape from the prison of the dreary intellectual and spiritual world of Protestant culture.”—Thomas Storck, author of From Christendom to Americanism and Beyond: The Long, Jagged Trail to a Postmodern Void

“This insightful book touches on one of the greatest challenges of our time—how do we evangelize those formed by a New Age spirituality they consider superior to anything the Church has to offer? In this beautiful, semi-autobiographical reflection, Roger Buck (himself a convert from the New Age) offers his answer: although those lost in the New Age are unlikely to be swayed by arguments, they can be deeply touched by the presence of Christ himself in the sacramental mysteries and cultural richness of authentic Catholic piety. It is Christ himself who evangelizes, and we must cooperate with the means he has placed at our disposal.”—Dr. Gerard O’Shea,  Associate Professor, Religious Education. University of Notre Dame, Australia


Author Biography:

ROGER BUCK is a Catholic convert who once resided at Findhorn, Scotland—probably the most renowned New Age community in the world. He was intimately and intensively involved in the New Age movement for twenty years and knew many of its leading personalities. Then, a profound conversion experience changed his life forever. He is the author of The Gentle Traditionalist and, alongside his beloved wife, the website Cor Jesu Sacratissimum.


An earlier and very slightly different but more legible version of the back cover is reproduced below. And there will be more to say as the next days come …


Click to see the book at your local Amazon:


OR – for the Hardback Edition:







Click to see the book at your local Amazon:


OR – for the Hardback Edition:






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  1. Gavin Johnston Avatar
    Gavin Johnston

    I just ordered my copy! Thank you again for the ‘work’ you have put in this so that we may all enjoy, understand, and love our ‘Faith’ that much more! This work is and will be woven deeply into my inner-fabric and its revelations will be a fresh spring into the Living Waters of the Holy Church! Thank you! It should arrive just as I complete my second reading of the “Meditations on the Tarot”. Praise God that our Daily Bread comes in so many forms and I will try not to with gluttony devour this book, but let its profundity and fecundity start its work and and bear fruits with all the beauty and purpose it contains. Amen – thank you!