The Gentle Traditionalist—List of Extracts from the Book

The Gentle Traditionalist: A Catholic Fairy Tale from Ireland by Roger Buck from Angelico Press

In my last post, I mentioned a need to take time out for prayer this Christmastide. Thus, this website will be ‘shut down’ for the next twelve sacred days. However, before exiting, I leave readers with a little ‘Christmas reading’ regarding my new book The Gentle Traditionalist.

Possibly, you may find this list handy, if you are considering buying the book, but are still making your mind up. Herewith, then, some key posts recently …

First Chapter

Entire first chapter online here with more about the book. Link:

At the Sign of the Gentle Traditionalist

Short extract from second chapter:

Famished for Christendom

This is a succinct but KEY extract to what the whole book is about:

(This is my favourite short post on the book—with some great pictures for it too!)

The Gentle Traditionalist on the Superiority Complex of the 1960s

The title speaks for itself:

The Gentle Traditionalist meets the Man with No Name

A slightly silly extract—satire on the New Age, but with a deeper

Catholic Counter-Revolution and the Counter-Revolutionary Mind

This features a small extract contained within a longer post:

Secularism is the Air that We Breathe …

Same as above. Short extract incorporated into longer post:.

The Gentle Traditionalist on the Catholic Mystery: Supernatural Love

On the Heart of the MYSTERY: /2015/12/the-gentle-traditionalist-on-the-catholic-mystery-supernatural-love/

Urgency, Joy and Catholic Traditionalism

This post is about why traditionalists sometimes fall victim to bitterness—because their hearts are bleeding. However, it also features an extract from The Gentle Traditionalist/2015/12/urgency-joy-and-catholic-traditionalism/

The Gentle Traditionalist on the Only Hope for Humanity

Also these extracts and a few other posts about the book can be found in this archive of posts here:

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Gentle Traditionalist

Ireland and the Embers of Christendom

Finally, I point to one more recent post which concerns the book, but does not feature an extract. I was, however, unusually happy with it.

I commend this post particularly to all those who care about the Soul of Ireland and the unique light she has shone in the Anglosphere … /2015/12/ireland-embers-of-christendom/

Back cover – The Gentle Traditionalist: A Catholic Fairy-Tale from Ireland

Finally, I  thank all those again who Facebooked and tweeted these posts. I am deeply grateful for all your support for getting word of this book out.

And with that, I stop at last and wish you and yours a most blessed Christmas.

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Books from Roger Buck

Foreword for Monarchy by Roger Buck

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4 responses to “The Gentle Traditionalist—List of Extracts from the Book”

  1. kelly Avatar

    This book, The Gentle Traditionalist, was brilliant! It captures the core issues around the Church and the World today, and puts them in the stream of history, offer context for tremendous understanding about how we got where we are, where we actually are, and where we need to go. Thank you, Roger! Thank you, Kim!

    1. roger Avatar

      Kelly, thank you, most warmly …

      Among other things, I am most grateful for your comment re history. For this is a grave world problem: Our media dominated-cinilisation telescopes ‘history’ down to what happened very recently – usually, as my book suggests, what happened since the 1960s.

      It is necessary to create an antidote for this. To let people really know, for example, that prior to the 60s people really did feel very differently about countless things, and not simply sex, pornography etc.

      Thus, I am very glad if you feel my book contributes in any way to that needed cultural antidote. And besides that it is just very good to have your voice here!

  2. Keith Crocker Avatar
    Keith Crocker

    My dear wife Patsy has just ordered, The Gentle Traditionalist from Amazon and we are both looking forward to the read. Joseph Shaw is a fellow parishioner at Holy Trinity, Hethe and by way of his blog decided it must be priority read. The only Irish blog we look at is Vultis Christi . Silvestream is a glimmer of light in the general gloom in Ireland. Pasty left a ‘Catholic’ Ireland 53 years ago – we were married in Dublin, a solemn nuptial Mass. We returned to the Mass of Ages in the late 90’s. I look forward to your blogging and keeping in touch In Domino, Keith and Pasty Crocker

    rinity, Hethe and

    1. roger Avatar

      Many thanks for letting me know, Keith! I hope Patsy and you both enjoy my book.

      And yes, I certainly agree regarding the shining Silverstream. Dom Kirby has also been very, very kind regarding my book and I can’t resist posting a link with his words here …