On Christian Apologetics—and Being Stunned


This is another personal notice to say I am stunned and grateful for the early responses to my new book The Gentle Traditionalist. Perhaps too stunned, in fact, to do much more than stammer a few words here.

Still, a few indicators may be offered.

One such indicator is the fact that, a day or so ago, I surfed to the Amazon USA page for my book and was amazed to see a small orange flag next to my book, saying it was Number One on something Amazon called its Christian Apologetics list!

I had no idea that Amazon even had a Christian Apologetics list! But on the subject of apologetics, here is also the place to say that this is really what the book is about.

For I am beginning to be concerned that some may think the book is a romantic novel!

Which it is —well, sort of.

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Gentle Traditionalist

Still, a possible confusion exists here, which came to light when I was honoured to receive my first Amazon review. This is at Amazon UK from someone called Gabriel16, who presumably is either British or Irish. Gabriel16 wrote:

At first you think, this is a funny novel a story about a guy and a girl, who have fallen in love. But as you read on, you discover a masterpiece with philosophical questions and a deep analysis of our western world and what needs to be remedied. Roger Buck is to be congratulated! He has managed to make me think about important issues our western world is facing.

No idea who you are Gabriel16 – but thank you very much! These days, Amazon reviews are critical to a book’s success and so I am very grateful for your support.

However, your first line also helps to clarify the confusion I mentioned. Because first and foremost, this book is apologetics. It is a dialogue about Catholicism and the Western world, with a particular Irish theme.

Only after that, is it – hopefully – as Gabriel16 says, ‘a funny novel … about a guy and a girl.’

There are many, many more things I am very grateful for, some private, some public and mainly on Facebook.

Personally, I’ve long been a little allergic to Facebook, but I really must appreciate all the friends on Facebook for supporting and appreciating what I’m trying to do with this book.

Thank you everyone, more than I can possibly say.

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6 responses to “On Christian Apologetics—and Being Stunned”

  1. Marcello Avatar

    Hi Roger, I have ordered ‘The Gentle Traditionalist’, following the ‘buy at amazon’ link. Strangely, here in Japan, it appears to be ‘Temporarily out of stock’, from the very first date it was available (!?) Anyway the order is placed, so I’m hoping your book will somehow find its way to me, in time for Christmas. Looking forward to reading it!

    1. roger Avatar

      Marcello – thank you and thank you for using our link. I’m sorry for this frustration and have passed your message onto Angelico Press. Hopefully that may sort things. Grateful for all your support!

      1. Marcello Avatar

        Hi Roger,
        thank you! I would like to support you more, even though having momentarily withdrawn from social networks I can’t do much publicity to your book in that way..However I was thinking of having 2 copies delivered as Christmas presents to 2 of my brothers in Italy..unfortunately though, I don’t think I can do it going through your link as it automatically directs me to amazon Japan.
        I will wait a few days before placing the order in Italy, so If you somehow know how I can use your link to connect to amazon Italy, let me know. All the best to you, your book and your family. Sayonara/Ciao from Japan!

        1. roger Avatar

          Marcello, you are a kind soul. Not many would go to this trouble and in our situation I really appreciate it very much.

          I look forward to seeing you again on social networks and will now try to paste in a link that hopefully should work … or it might just take a few minutes to work after I post this.

          God bless you for your support!

          1. Marcello Avatar

            It worked! Thank you Roger, I can assure you, your blog has helped me much more than my purchasing a couple copies of your book 🙂 God Bless you and your family!

          2. roger Avatar

            Marcello, thank you belatedly. I am gladdened to hear if my writing has helped you in any way. Your kindness and support is much appreciated. Also I hope and trust that the situation with Amazon Japan is or will be sorted shortly. My publisher wrote and said there was little they could do – but expected the situation would resolve itself. I imagine your ordering there will have helped by prompting them. God bless you and yours, unknown friend …