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Video: The Indoctrination of Ireland (and the World)

“This feels for me the most important video I have yet done. It is both a political statement – and very, very much a personal one. I have bared more of my soul in this one than any other.”

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Life of Pope Pius IX – Ch 4: Conspiracy, War and Revolution

This fourth chapter of the Life of Pope Pius IX examines his early papacy – in a Christendom, besieged by conspiracy, war and revolution.

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Life of Pope Pius IX – Ch 2: The Carbonari and Other Secret Societies

This second chapter of this life of Pope Pius IX examines the challenges the new Pope would face in the form of the masonic-type secret societies such as the Carbonari, the Illuminati and their conspiracy against Christendom.

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Denial of the Fall: The Triumph of Freemasonry?

A continued reflection on the cultural denial of the Fall in light of Pope Leo XIII’s warnings in regard to Freemasonry.

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Pope Leo XIII, Pope Francis, Masonic Lobbies – and Christendom

Pope Francis’s recent mention of Masonic Lobbies is only testimony to an ongoing problem that Popes have written of since the Nineteenth Century: the destruction of Christendom.

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On Rennes-le-Chateau, the Cathars, the New Age and the Da Vinci Code …

What the New Age misses: The traditional Catholic elements to Rennes-le-Chateau and the Sauniere inspiration of the Da Vinci Code.

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A Cryptic Traditional Catholic Travelogue 7: Freemasonry and France

This is the seventh part of cryptic traditional Catholic Travelogue – as I journeyed through the wasteland of Catholic France and ruminated on Freemasonry.

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Behind the French Meditations of a Catholic Hermeticist

A fragmentary, very personal piece about the Catholic Hermeticist Valentin Tomberg, Catholic France, the Sacred Heart, the Da Vinci Code, secret societies, global capitalism and more …

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Windswept House: A Vatican Novel by Malachi Martin (Review)

A Shocking, Disturbing Book with Real Keys to understanding the Crisis of the Church.

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