Carol Robinson

  • Integrity: Volume 1 – Book Review

    Integrity: Volume 1 – Book Review

    A new term emerged in 1960s America: the “Counter Culture” heralding a milieu that would prove as transitory as it was shallow. For the hippies never succeeded in creating a genuine cultural alternative to the crass commercial civilisation they revolted against. Either they became New Agers, often with a rampant commercialism of their own, or…

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  • Breaking the Chains of Mediocrity by Carol Jackson Robinson (Review)

    Breaking the Chains of Mediocrity by Carol Jackson Robinson (Review)

    First reactions on discovering Carol Jackson Robinson— a great Catholic essayist of a very high rank indeed—a contemplative Catholic with an an erudite, brilliant mind and razor-sharp observation of the cancerous, mercantilist culture that is murdering our souls.

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