Dedication to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sacred Heart
O Sacred Heart of Jesus!

We dedicate this work to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

We ask You Lord, for Your blessing, that our inspiration may be guided by Your Heart in all our endeavours.

We ask that Your Heart heal our hard, dark and fallen hearts and that our work here does not fall into excess and egotism.

We ask that You help us Lord, to remember how much we are loved and nourished by the outpourings of Your Most Sacred Heart.

And we ask this for others too.

We ask that You help us to join the Catholic Tradition of honouring and adoring your Most Sacred Heart. And we ask that this website may be helped to make a humble contribution to this work over centuries of preserving, guarding, and cherishing the Tradition of the Sacred Heart.

We seek to do this through our own writings and reflections posted here, as well as through developing a growing collection of images, devotions and other resources which relate to this work.

We pray for the intercession of those Saints who have been especially connected to the Tradition of your Most Sacred Heart. In particular, St. John the Evangelist, St Francis de Sales, St. Jane de Chantal, St. Margaret-Mary Alacoque and St. Claude La Colombiere.

We also pray for the intercession of those who are not always so specifically connected to the devotions, yet who deeply and dearly know Your Most Sacred Heart. In particular, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Pio de Pietrelcina and any others – unseen and unknown perhaps – who are with us in this work.

Finally, we offer ourselves and our prayers to the constant intercession of Your Holy Mother and Ours, the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose Immaculate Heart suffers with us and loves us, as does Yours. And through Whom You received Your Earthly Heart.

O, Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, You to Whom we owe everything, please bless our work.

Heart of Jesus, King and Centre of all hearts, have mercy on us.

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Sacred Heart of Jesus
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3 responses to “Dedication to the Sacred Heart of Jesus”

  1. Cláudia Fiuza Avatar

    So beautiful my dear friends. God bless you and your wife.

    1. roger Avatar

      Kim and I thank you most warmly, Claudia …

  2. Gary Morris Avatar
    Gary Morris

    I’m reading Cor Jesu Sacratissimum now. The section on devotion to the Sacred Heart is extremely beautiful and very moving. Thank you for writing it! Also I must admit that I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian, formerly Protestant and formerly a Catholic convert. (The Gentle Traditionalist is wonderful too.) God bless you and your efforts.

    1. roger Avatar

      Gary Morris, I am truly sorry I never replied, I think I never saw your lovely comment till now. Comments on the static pages like this (as opposed to posts) are, I think, filedd elsewhere in this WordPress system in which I am not expert and I have missed it now years.

      But I pray it is better late than never to say thank you for your kindness towards my books. And I pray you find your way blessed by His Holy Sacraments within the Church.