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  1. Yvonne DiMeglio Avatar
    Yvonne DiMeglio

    Dear Sir, Where can I buy the old version of the Pellevoisin Sacred Heart Scapular? Thank you, Yvonne DiMeglio

    1. roger Avatar

      Yvonne, I am sorry to say I do not know where you can find this old version. Having travelled to the other Apparition sites in France, however, I know they all have religious stores selling goods. I very much imagine Pellevoisin has one too – so with a bit of googling I think you could find the “magasin” (store or shop) at Pellevoisin. I will let you know if something else occurs. Also I am sorry for my delay – have not been attending much to this website over the weeks of Christmastide.

  2. Charles Avatar

    Please pray for me to our Lord Jesus Christ for His gift of divine mercy on me on my career; May the Lord bless the works of my hands and grant me job security to the glory of His name, amen.

    1. kim Avatar


      Please know that although we have been silent, regarding your request
      for prayer, we have been praying for you all week.

      It is a very beautiful prayer you have set before the Lord.

      May He bless you and answer you, according to His Holy Will.

      May He keep you always – Kim

  3. Charles Avatar

    Please pray for me and for my family; May the Lord grant me job protection, bless my family with good healthy, mercy and divine direction in all our plans and purposes to the glory of God, amen.

    1. roger Avatar

      Charles, I am sorry it took so long to respond. There have been a few problems this end – including even complete loss of the internet this last week! But Kim and I have prayed for you and your family and we will continue. May God bless you and yours.

  4. Charles Avatar

    My mother have been diagnosed of cataract. She will be undergoing an eye surgery next week Tuesday, 22nd July. Please pray for her that her eye operation may be very successful. St Pio, pray for her. St Raphael, pray for her. St Anthony Mary Claret, Pray for her, to the glory of God, amen.

    1. roger Avatar

      Be assured of our prayers, Charles. Kim has suffered much with her eyes including an operation, so we understand and we pray …

  5. Alexander McKay Avatar

    Dear Roger,

    I was just doing a search for Ireland Needs Fatima on the internet and saw your comment on a catholic blog that you would like to get in contact. I am the public relations officer here in Ireland and would be glad to answer any questions you have.

    Great to see another real catholic website in Ireland!!

    In Jesu per Mariam,


  6. Sean McAree Avatar

    Hi Roger and Kim,

    Many thanks in Christ the fountain of all Eucharistic thanksgiving for your testimony. I love reading through your book Cor Jesu Sacratissimum and it’s great bread 🥖 Roger with which to fuel my prayers to the Lord by the maternal intercession of Our Lady.

    I have a good friend who has given up on Catholicism and I regret my having influenced him years ago before I became reconciled back to the Roman Catholic Church after over 34 years or so with the Worldwide Church of God aka Grace Communion International

    Not desiring to be unthankful to the grace that I found with God during those years I nonetheless felt a hunger and thirst and that ideas of what Church meant to the denomination were enormously restrictive – even misreading that were one or two are gathered constituted a Church whereas Jesus was talking about informal gathering and prayer.

    I can relate to what you describe as the grip of New Age ( which isn’t anything new ) as even when I have confessed Christ I would be beset from time to time with obsessional interest in Cabbalah, Astrology, Bible Codes ( exasperating!) and while John Drane’s Christian use of Tarot cards was intended for good I confessed I wanted to know that which God wisely forbids us from – knowledge of good and evil rather than the freedom by the Lord to do good and by grace to abstain from evil.

    I’d appreciate your prayers with the Lord, Roger and Kim that I can wisely trust in God and that I can for Christ and His Church win back any who in my foolishness I did lead astray years ago. My good friend has been recommending that I go for a Reiki session with his sister and I fear that if I handle the situation without faith and good practice that our friendship may evaporate after many years. There’s already a coldness sadly but I am grateful for the power in Christ and more so His love of His Sacred Heart that is very much evident by the Sacrement of Reconciliation.

    Thanks again Roger and Kim and please pray that I can be light and humus in Christ and that I can imitate the kindness of St. Benignus after whom my street in Laytown Co. Meath is named.

    I appreciate your humility and while I do find your speaking style quirky I do admire that your gift comes to lovely expression in your writing. However we Irish are known for being wordy! Welcome of course to Ireland and if ever you’re in Laytown please be even more welcome.

    God bless,


  7. Sean McAree Avatar
    Sean McAree

    Hi Roger,

    I’d posted earlier and visited your website again. I’m not sure whether it’s a hack or not but I could see in a box titled ‘ In Support of this website’ a medium called Angela advertising her services???

    You may not be aware of it on your website but as mediumship falls under what the Cathechism would forbiid I felt it important to highlight on your otherwise ( thanks to Kim too ) spiritually helpful website.

    God bless,