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Integrity: Volume 1 – Book Review

  A new term emerged in 1960s America: the “Counter Culture” heralding a milieu that would prove as transitory as it was shallow. For the hippies never succeeded in creating a genuine cultural alternative to the crass commercial civilisation they revolted against. Either they became New Agers, often with a rampant commercialism of their own, […]

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Breaking the Chains of Mediocrity by Carol Jackson Robinson (Review)

  When sitting down to write, I began jotting “this book is wonderful”. Those words are not enough. For with this short first volume of an ongoing collected works, we are indebted to Arouca Press for restoring to public awareness a little-known Twentieth Century Catholic essayist of the highest rank. Honestly, this is someone who, […]

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New Video: Through the Embers of Christendom

If anyone is following this long-neglected website, now obviously breaking down, with (perhaps sinfully) long-neglected comments, they may wonder what is going on. Part of the answer to that question is that, till lately, I have been not only far away from this website, but away from home and away from the internet almost completely. […]

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Michael Martin’s Transfiguration: Notes toward a Radical Catholic Reimagination of Everything

The following review wasn’t supposed to happen. For, as I have tried to make clear, this website is virtually dormant. The plan was to revive it later this spring. But life, as John Lennon sang – once memorably, now perhaps cliched – is what happens while making other plans. And a burst of life unexpectedly produced the […]

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Probably My Best Video Yet …

As the title suggests, I am more happy with this video than any other so far (although Episode 16 here is a close runner-up and very key to to my work). Unlike the “epic” Episode 16, however, this video has the added advantage of being much shorter and more succinct. For these reasons, I would […]

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Video: The Gentle Traditionalist Returns!

The Gentle Traditionalist returns in a sequel to be published this year by Angelico Press! More about my new book in this video here: We are also planning that this website return from its near-dormant status to proper activity. But the time is not quite yet …   Click to see my book at Amazon […]

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Video: Catholic Fire and Holy Liturgy

Introducing my wife Kim in this latest video …

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Video: Patrick Pearse, Éamon de Valera and the Easter Rising

This video addresses Patrick Pearse, Éamon de Valera and the leaders of the Easter Rising of 1916. Men, this is to say, who sacrificed their lives for a vision of Ireland utterly different to the contemporary globalist, socially and economically liberal world order that dominates the nation today.

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Video: Feminism, the Alt-Right and Enantiodromia

On the Enantiodromia of the Alt-Right …

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Video: The Indoctrination of Ireland (and the World)

“This feels for me the most important video I have yet done. It is both a political statement – and very, very much a personal one. I have bared more of my soul in this one than any other.”

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Video: Abortion and the Tragedy of Ireland

A tragedy of unthinkable proportions befell the Irish Republic on May 25th 2018: Her people voted in a referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution, paving the way for abortion on demand. This video explores this catastrophe.

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Video on the Latin Mass – and Peter Kwasniewski’s Wonderful New Book!

  Herewith a video on the Latin Mass with just a few added comments below:   Some haphazard notes: I am slowly returning to this website after an extremely long spell away, some of it due to difficult family circumstances and much of it completely (and blissfully) offline. Being utterly away from the Internet for […]

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Inspiration from the Saints by Maolsheachlann Ó Ceallaigh (Review)

Here is a wonderful new book from Maolsheachlann Ó Ceallaigh not only on the Saints – but on the living mystery and miracle that is Catholic Christianity …

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A Catholic Quest for the Holy Grail by Charles A. Coulombe (Review)

Reviewed here is Charles A. Coulombe’s: A Catholic Quest for the Holy Grail – a magnificent book about Christendom and potent antidote to the New Age Movement.

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EWTN Celtic Connections Interview with Roger Buck

EWTN Celtic Connections Interview with Roger Buck on his conversion to the Catholic faith, Catholic Ireland and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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Review – Noble Beauty, Transcendent Holiness by Peter Kwasniewski

A review of Peter Kwasnieski’s glorious new book Noble Beauty, Transcendent Holiness: Why the Modern Age needs the Mass of Ages.

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Video: A Little Meditation on the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Ashort, unusual video in which I aspire to contemplate the immensity of suffering the Sacred Heart of Jesus sees and the immensity of love He bears for each and every one of us.

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Living Waters: A Video on My Conversion Story

Video of conversion story from former member of the Findhorn community and New Age activist, whose became a convert after one night when he tasted living waters …

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A Video on My Life at Findhorn and Other Things

A video from Roger Buck, a former member of the New Age community of Findhorn in Scotland. Buck not only talks about his life there, but also about Findhorn’s origins and founding figures including Peter Caddy and David Spangler and the Eastern esoteric Theosophy of Blavatsky that so influenced them.

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A Little Video on the Life and Times of Hilaire Belloc

Here is a little video on the life and times of the great Hilaire Belloc, alongside some further personal (written) reflections on the enormous depths of his legacy.

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  • The Gentle Traditionalist Returns!

    New Book from Angelico Press!

    "The Gentle Traditionalist returns with a vengeance in this stand-alone sequel ... this book skewers the modern malaise with the kind of sanity we have come to expect from this author” — CHARLES A. COULOMBE

    ”Buck’s latest foray is a grand success ... The story features the same singular combination of whimsy and surprise, keen social commentary, and deft argumentation as the first [book]. The Gentle Traditionalist Returns appeals to what is best and deepest in us, so that we will reengage with that which ultimately matters while there is yet time.” — PETER KWASNIEWSKI

    ”A brilliant diagnosis of the spiritual malaise of modern society, written with gentleness, generosity, humour, pathos ... and, above all else, love”— MAOLSHEACHLANN Ó CEALLAIGH

    buy-at-amazon Video about New Book here:

  • Books from Roger Buck


    The Gentle Traditionalist


    ”Roger Buck ... in the spirit of Chesterton and Belloc ... takes on everything—from the reforms of Vatican II to the New Age ... a wonderful book.”— MICHAEL MARTIN

    ”A tale of whimsical fantasy, melancholy realism, and supernatural joy ... Buck’s deftly-reasoned post-modern apologetic for full-blooded Catholicism—a Syllabus of Errors in narrative form, a rousing hymn to ‘meaning, grace, beauty, life’.” — PETER KWASNIEWSKI

    "As brilliant a guide for the perplexed as this age is capable of producing” — CHARLES A. COULOMBE


    See Reviews in Full Here!


    Read First Chapter Online Here!


    Cor Jesu Sacratissimum



    ”Buck goes to the heart of the problem paralyzing our broken-hearted world ... moving beyond the spirit of the age to the Spirit who moves all ages.” — JOSEPH PEARCE

    ”In this elegant feast of a book, Roger Buck ... expertly skewers the modern world ... without a drop of malice in his compassionate soul ... to reveal the bright, shining love and truth at the center of the universe—symbolised by the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and incarnate in the Catholic Church.” — CHARLES A. COULOMBE

    ”A great service to the Church ... Buck shows that the New Age is an attempt, however flawed, to escape the materialism of modernity, and that it is Catholicism in its traditional forms that can best reveal the immense reality of the suffering and love for all mankind of Christ’s Sacred Heart.”— JOSEPH SHAW


    See Reviews in Full Here!


  • EWTN Interview with Roger Buck here!

    TWO-part “Celtic Connections” EWTN  Interview!

    Part One here.

    Part Two here.

  • YouTube Channel – Featured Video with Roger Buck

    Probably my favourite video. Shorter, more succinct, it captures the essence of so much I’m trying to say …

  • First Video from Kim Buck!