Video: Must Ireland Be A Clone?

We are somewhat tardy in posting the new videos here—but here is a recent one that has been more important to me, personally speaking, than many. That said, it really is just a preview or ‘short version’ for a much longer one that is even more important to me!

And, still speaking personally, my thoughts and prayers have been turning ever more intensely to Ireland. This will be evident for those who have seen either my recent videos on Ireland or my Twitter/X feed, where I am now surprisingly active. (Well, surprising to myself at least.)

And there will be more to come—both about the contemporary situation in Ireland, as well as Irish Nationalism and Irish figures from the past, who increasingly haunt me, including Patrick Pearse, Charles J. Kickham, Maud Gonne and more . . .

And then there is Hilaire Belloc and what Belloc made of Ireland. More, I think, to be said here of this. Belloc, of course, has haunted me already for a very long time indeed. As I recently tweeted regarding him:

I love this passionate, brilliant soul from whom I learn so very, very much. A far more subtle soul than many see. Long years I argued with him. But I kept losing the arguments. Thank God. No words can really capture how deep my love goes here. No hyperbole. That is all, for now.

But for now, I let the video largely speak for itself—with one exception. A query was made at YouTube what I meant by Counter-Revolution. Feeling this could indeed use amplification, I made a response that seems worth posting here, as well:

Due to the highly fragmentary nature of this assembly of clips (like a ‘glorified trailer’, really) I realise this might not have been clear enough.

By way of explaining, I’ll start with the notion that a Revolution usually refers to the Left challenging traditional authority, whereas a Counter-Revolution involves the Right challenging the Left.

Thus, in 1789 in France, the Left led a Revolution against the Catholic King and the Church—which was resisted by a Counter-Revolution . . . which Counter-Revolution was then crushed, massacring hundreds of thousands of French Catholics in the process.

Earlier, in the mid-1600s, the English Puritan Oliver Cromwell led a Revolution from the ‘Progressive Left’ of his time to topple and behead King Charles I of England.

But the Catholic Confederacy in 1640s Ireland (which had the Sacred Heart on its seal!) challenged Cromwell from the Right—they wanted to defend both the King and the Catholic Church.

Now, at that time, people did not speak of a ‘Progressive Left’ or of things like ‘Counter-Revolution’.

Still, this seems the essence of the matter in the mid- 1600s an Irish Catholic Counter-Revolution . . . which was then crushed by Cromwell, massacring hundreds of thousands of Irish Catholics.

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