Video: Valentin Tomberg and the Universal Church

Above is the first of two recent videos that, unusually, we are posting almost simultaneously at this site. (The second one is here.)

Both videos are previews of a sort, containing clips from a long (four hour!) video that should soon appear, after many days work.

I hope these two videos can highlight certain themes that could get lost in the much bigger presentation—themes concerning Valentin Tomberg’s legacy that seem serious and important to me, even grave.

Time is lacking today to elaborate this and for the most part the videos must speak for themselves—though today’s second post has some highly unusual content that, not without some hesitancy, I post. (This content was not written for this site, but posting it here may serve to amplify things, at least a little.)

So see the second post if you are interested.

For now we will leave you, Lector, mainly with the video itself, but also a few last words from Tomberg himself:

The Catholic Church, being catholic or universal, cannot consider itself as a particular church among other particular churches, nor consider its dogmas as religious opinions among other religious opinions or confessions.30

Anonymous, Meditations on the Tarot, p. 89.

To this we add some words on Petrine authority:

The ‘rock’ upon which the Church is to be built is therefore neither the ‘faithful multitude’, nor the group (council) of apostles, but Peter alone [which] negates disintegration into several national and regional, independent churches, and standstill in the development of dogmatic, moral, and exegetic theology. For this follows unavoidably due to the reinterpretation of the words of Christ: ‘You are Peter (Petros), and on this rock (petra) I will build my Church, and the powers of death (gates of Hades) will not overcome it’ into: ‘You are the rocks, and on these rocks I will build my Church and the gates of death will not overcome them’. ‐ 31

Valentin Tomberg, Covenant of the Heart, p. 113.

And in addition to these public statements there is a stunning private note now published in The Wandering Fool:

The impoverishment of humanity caused by Protestantism . . . consequently humanity is deprived of the effect of the Universal Remedy.

Valentin Tomberg, The Wandering Fool, 90

Here Tomberg is clear. Protestantism, for him, blocks the way to ‘the Universal Remedy!’ And what Universal Remedy can be meant here, if not the Church . . . ?

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