Video: Valentin Tomberg and the Way of the Heart

Here is my latest video—on Valentin Tomberg and the Way of the Heart.

Now, my time is limited just at this moment. But here (re-pasted from social media) is a brief indication of the contents: Re-kindling the Heart; the Miracle of the Eucharist; Tomberg’s (paradoxical) debt to Rudolf Steiner and a tribute to the late, great Michael Frensch (Tomberg’s German biographer) who gave me more than I can possibly say, both when I lived and worked with him  in Germany and so much since, through his great dedication to Valentin Tomberg and indeed humanity . . . 

He was a man of the heart. As I say on the video, one of the finest people I have ever known.

I add: the video both makes me cringe with embarrassment and paradoxically very, very happy.

Unusually happy.

In a rather bizarre, disjointed way, I feel it captures things that deeply need saying about Tomberg and his legacy. 

I will also quickly note that if you know this site from the past, but are just seeing this page now—you should see a difference!

We mean to say more of this difference soon.

For now (as, again, time is limited) I quickly cut and paste this from the last post where I spoke of:

issues [in the past] have long-dogged this website—a website that was old and creaking, not performing as it might . . . and which we have lamented here for years on end.

But dear Lector, you may note my use of the past tense.

What was is no longer!

And if you are arriving at this page today and you follow this site, you will surely notice a difference [one] that has taken us months of long toil and many gallons of midnight oil (dropping nearly all work on the videos).

A difference did I say? Nay, a transformation!

Soon, we mean to publicly announce this transformation, which will obvious to regular viewers of this site. But not quite yet. For we are not entirely ready and there are glitches and inconsistencies still to be sorted-out . . .

Finally, when this transformation of the website is at last completed, we mean to go forward with many new posts, new videos and other strange new things to come.

Watch this space.

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