Video: Keep Your Head in Hell

Well, here at long last, is my latest YouTube video—a mere six months after it first appeared at YouTube!

My neglectful delay owes much to the issues that have long-dogged this website—a website that was old and creaking, not performing as it might . . . and which we have lamented here for years on end.

But dear Lector, you may note my use of the past tense.

What was is no longer! And if you are arriving at this page today and you follow this site, you will surely notice a difference. It is a difference that has taken us months of long toil and many gallons of midnight oil (dropping nearly all work on the videos.)

A difference did I say? Nay, a transformation!

Soon, we mean to publicly announce this transformation, which will obvious to regular viewers of this site. But not quite yet. For we are not entirely ready and there are glitches and inconsistencies still to be sorted-out.

In the meantime, this six-month old video (which is actually audio only) offers an exploration of confronting the reality of hell on earth . . . and not succumbing.

We draw our inspiration from St. Silouan the Athonite who heard Christ say: ‘Keep your head in hell but do not despair’ . . .

There are dark things in this wide-ranging podcast then, including the incessant power of propaganda, the possibility of World War III, the appalling tragedy of the New Age replacement of Christianity and still other grave issues.

But it is not all grim! There is more here about hope in France—the hope of Catholic Zombies, back from the grave.

And the way of the heart described by Valentin Tomberg is also explored.

Finally, when this transformation of the website is at last completed, we mean to go forward with many new posts, new videos and other strange new things to come.

Watch this space.

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