New Video: Pope Francis, Catholic Tradition, Valentin Tomberg

Herewith my latest video—with commentary on Pope Francis’ new Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes. This action of the Pope greatly restricts the Latin Mass and indeed seeks its eventual demise. It thereby reverses 2007’s Summorum Pontificum from then-Pope Benedict XVI—along with all the immensity of hope, goodness and grace bestowed by that earlier Motu Proprio.

What we have here is grave threat and not just to the Catholic Church, but to the West, to the life and soul of humanity itself . . .

At least, that is what I argue here in a video that is a personal turning point for me. A turning point, I say, because never have I been so outspoken as this on the heartbreaking tragedy of the current Pontificate.

No, in fearing the aggressive approach of others, seeking to emulate the many Saints who chose a path of prayer rather than disruption (e.g. St Pio de Pietrelcina considered in this video) and in keeping with my aspiration to a gentle rather than angry traditionalism, I have largely held my tongue till now.

No more.

Still, I pray this treatment remains charitable. Great damage is being done by non-gentle traditionalism.

The video also addresses Valentin Tomberg’s (and Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre’s) recognition of the tragedy of the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s.

Because Lefebvre and Tomberg were awake, whilst others were fast asleep. And even today, many Catholics remain fast asleep . . .

As Tomberg wrote the Council was leading to nothing less than death:

The ‘fresh wind’ of the Council was not the wind of the Pentecost miracle in the Church, but a wind blowing out of the ‘world’ into the Church—through a portal which had now been opened. It was not the effect of the Church on the world, but the effect of the world on the Church. Against the will and the hope of the now deceased Pope John XXIII and of his successor Paul VI, it happened that the Second Vatican Council became a door which opened to the world, but in such a way that the ‘world’s wind’ blew into the Church .

The Council for which Pope John XXIII prayed did in fact fail; it failed to fulfill the highest and most responsible task of the Church’s leadership, to guard the ‘portal’ where the way begins which leads to degeneration, to exhaustion, and to death (hades) – the ‘way of the world’. This failure to guard the threshold of the portal opening up to the ‘way of the world’ . . . is nothing else and can be nothing else but the way to death.

Valentin Tomberg, Covenant of the Heart, p. 111

The video also commends the great Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, who are not only awake—but rousing others from their slumber.

But apart from saying that, we let the video speak for itself . . .

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